Sky Zone Trampoline Park

In Brief:

      • Sky Zone was founded in 2004 and has been franchising since 2009.
      • The company jumpstarted the trampoline park boom and has grown rapidly in recent years.
      • Many entrepreneurs opt to become franchisees with the business due to its excellent brand recognition, dedicated training and support programs, and extensive marketing efforts.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $60,000
    • Startup Costs: $1,300,829 – $1,621,526
    • Royalty Fees: 6% of gross sales
    • Average Revenue per Location: $1,824,530 – $2,896,034

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Many franchises across the United States have really taken off to new heights in recent years, but one that’s really jumped into popularity is Sky Zone. Founded in 2004, the Sky Zone company is a fast-growing trampoline park franchise that’s had both entrepreneurs and customers bouncing off the walls for years thanks to its innovative business model and unique ability to offer fun for people of all ages. 

Is Sky Zone the right brand for you as an entrepreneur? Here’s a look at the franchise that’s innovated the health and fitness industry – and had plenty of fun doing it! 

The Sky Zone Company Story

Sky Zone is headquartered in Los Angeles and founded back in 2004 by Rick Platt. The entrepreneur, aiming to initially create a whole new sport in which athletes would perform acrobatic moves competitively, spent $2 million to construct a 17,000 square-foot trampoline park in Las Vegas. 

Although his idea of creating a new sport failed to generate much interest, his trampoline park caught the attention of local extreme sports enthusiasts, prompting Platt to open it to the general public. The trampoline park, unshackled from any further attempts to build a new sport around it, immediately became a financial success, bringing in $412,000 in revenue in its first year of operation alone. 

In 2006, Platt’s son Jeff, then a college student at Washington University in St. Louis, opened a similar park in Missouri based on his father’s concept, which quickly became a success too and achieved profitability in just six weeks. Jeff soon took over as CEO and started franchising the business in 2009, leading to its rapid expansion in the coming years. 

In 2011, the Sky Zone company reached $16 million in revenue and later became a founding member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks in 2012, which was founded to help support businesses in the fast-growing trampoline park industry. 

Today, Sky Zone has more than 300 locations across the world in 16 global markets and generates over $300 million in revenue annually. 

Sky Zone trampoline park party

Why are Entrepreneurs Flying High for the Sky Zone Company?

1. Excellent Brand Recognition

The Sky Zone franchise didn’t just help popularize the trampoline park trend – it started it! Since first opening in 2004, Sky Zone currently boasts more than 300 locations worldwide, generating more than $300 million in revenue and achieving strong revenue growth recently. In the United States alone, the franchise lays claim to 159 locations, the most in the country and more than double the number from its closest competitor. When it comes to trampoline parks, Sky Zone is always well above the competition. 2

2. Leader in the Booming Health and Fitness Industry

The health and fitness industry is growing rapidly in the United States and across the world, but the trampoline park phenomenon has really taken off in recent years. The number of trampoline parks worldwide has doubled since 2013, while more than 50 million people visited them in North America alone in 2016. This firmly makes the Sky Zone company the clear market leader in this popular industry, positioning it for further growth in the future.

3. Dedicated Training and Support

The Sky Zone company offers dedicated training and support for its franchisees to help them succeed. In addition to an extensive initial training program that includes comprehensive management training and online, guided training sessions, the franchise offers ongoing support in the form of regional business advisors, site design and construction assistance, and robust marketing and advertising campaigns.

4. Comprehensive Marketing

Sky Zone doesn’t rest on its laurels as the dominant market leader in the trampoline park industry. Franchisees receive extensive marketing support via digital marketing, social media, TV, radio, and print campaigns, and robust public relations efforts.

5. Perfect for Fitness-Minded Entrepreneurs

If you’re interested in the fitness and health industry as an entrepreneur, there’s few better business opportunities than Sky Zone. The franchise’s dominant market position, strong brand appeal, and strong growth in recent years certainly make it an opportunity to jump at!

Kids jumping at the Sky Zone trampoline park

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $60,000

Sky Zone currently requires a $60,000 initial franchise fee for all franchisees to pay upfront. 

Royalty Fees: 6% of gross sales

Sky Zone franchisees are required to pay an ongoing 6% royalty fee of all gross sales to the company. In addition, an advertising fee of 2% of gross sales is also levied on franchisees to help support the franchise’s marketing efforts. 

Estimated Initial Investment Cost: $1,300,829 – $1,621,526

Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$60,000$60,000
Lease & Security Deposits$21,000$47,250
Leasehold Improvements/Architect$448,800$633,000
Playing Fields$427,195$452,423
Computer Software License and Hardware$26,104$42,864
Equipment and Supplies$122,963$124,516
Licenses, Dues, Utility Deposits, etc.$3,000$6,000
Travel Expenses/Pre-Opening Salaries$28,535$32,535
Professional Fees$4,000$12,000
Insurance Deposit$15,500$16,300
Additional Funds – 3 months$40,000$80,000
Grand Opening Advertising$25,000$25,000
Estimated Total Cost$1,300,829$1,621,526

Revenue Range: $1,824,530 – $2,896,034

Per the most recent FDD information, revenue ranges for Sky Zone are from $1,824,530 to $2,896,034. It’s important to remember that these are only historical averages, not revenue projections for prospective franchisees in any way at all. 

Jump into New Opportunities with the Sky Zone Company!

Looking to jumpstart your career as an entrepreneur? You might just want to take the leap into the Sky Zone franchise. A cutting-edge market leader in a growing industry with great brand recognition, Sky Zone is a company that’s reached new heights year after year and may offer the perfect opportunity to finally become your own boss as a franchisee! 

Interested in franchising with Sky Zone? Find more information about the franchise here!

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