In Brief:

      • N-Hance is a leading wood refinishing franchise in the nation with proprietary technology that ensures this brand remains atop the competition.
      • N-Hance was founded in 2001 as an offset of sister-brand ChemDry
      • Since its inception almost 20 years ago, N-Hance has grown to over 500 franchise units nationwide.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $14,078 – $81,752
    • Startup Costs: $52,369 – $168,747
    • Royalty Fees: Variable
    • Average Revenue per Location: $53,960 – $1,715,369

The proper wood finishing can make all the difference when it comes to making your home’s interior as beautiful as possible. Yet, as we all know, wood cabinets, floors, and molding all require proper maintenance and repairs due to water damage, stains, and age. Harris Research, the firm that founded the national cleaning franchise Chem-Dry recognized the immense need for wood refinishing services.

N-Hance was established in 2001 as an affordable and professional solution for every customer’s needs. N-hance provides floor refinishing, cabinet refinishing, granite refinishing, and commercial services. Learn more below about how the nation’s leading wood refinishing franchise has become a trusted and valuable alternative for entrepreneurs everywhere.

The N-Hance Franchise Story: Unparalleled Wood Refinishing Services

The N-Hance franchise system spawned out of Harris Research Inc. in 2001. Harris Research Inc. forged its name in the 1970s with nationwide cleaning brand Chem-Dry. Chem-Dry now boasts over 4,000 franchise locations around the nation. Although Chem-Dry found enormous success in the cleaning industry, the Harris Research team realized that there was still a large demand for a wood refinishing franchise.

Customers looking for wood refinishing faced the time-consuming process of contacting several independent contractors, comparing estimates, and combining through references to ensure quality work. N-Hance was established in 2001 as the leading solution to this time-consuming process. The brand sold its first franchise in 2003. 

N-Hance franchises now number over 500 thanks to the brand’s proprietary Lightspeed technology. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, N-Hance technicians can get the job done much faster and with little noise, dust, or odor. As such, homeowners need not flee their homes while the refinishing process gets underway.

The best part of N-Hance’s proprietary technology is that it costs roughly one-fifth the cost of competing refinishing equipment. N-Hance has seen such tremendous growth in the franchise space that is has been named to Entrepreneur magazine’s Fastest Growing Franchises List five years in a row. The executive team at N-Hance projects even further growth in the near future as it projects only 40 percent of its inventory has been sold so far.

What Makes N-Hance Stand Above The Rest?

N-Hance is a top wood refinishing franchise for numerous reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons why this franchise has experienced explosive growth.

1. A Cut Above The Competition

N-Hance franchise owners rest easy knowing their services rise above the competition. As one of the only wood refinishing franchises in the nation, N-Hance competes against independent contractors who typically charge a higher rate due to a lack of advanced technologies that N-Hance utilizes.

2. Incredible Brand Recognition

N-Hance has flourished over the years thanks to its proprietary technology and association with the widely known and celebrated Chem-Dry franchise. N-Hance franchise owners can begin selling to customers from day one rather than spending years to build their brand’s reputation through excellent service and advertising campaigns.

3. Low Start Up Costs

The total initial investment cost for an N-Hance franchise ranges between $52,000 and $168,000, an investment that is a below industry standard for the service industry. N-Hance franchisees do not have to worry about the mammoth costs implied when owning a brick and mortar franchise as N-Hance is a completely mobile franchise.

4. Expert Guidance

Each N-Hance franchise owner can rest easy knowing their franchise is being led by industry veterans with years of experience. The executive team at N-Hance has proven their worth by growing the franchise into a national brand. Who doesn’t want to join a winning team with a track record of success?

5. A Pandemic-Proof Business Model

The franchise industry has undoubtedly taken its licks during the pandemic. Yet, N-Hance has remained relatively untouched. As many families shelter in place to weather out the COVID storm, they have grown tired of staring at the same tired old floors. According to N-Hance’s own website, their franchisees have actually seen a slight increase in sales during the first half of 2020!

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $14,078 to $81,752

The initial franchise fee to purchase an N-Hance franchise ranges between $14,078 and $81,752. The initial fee consists of various licensing fees, marketing fees, and equipment fees.

Royalty Fee: Between 2% of Monthly Gross Revenue Or $352 For The First 6 Months And $705 Starting On The 7th Month

The royalty fee a franchisee pays depends on their gross revenue per month. A franchise owner is obligated to pay 2% of monthly gross revenue each month or $352 for each month for the first 6 months and $705 per month after the 6th month.

Estimated Initial Investment Costs: $52,369 – $168,747

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee/Development Fee $14,078 $81,752
Business Vehicle $0 $35,000
Three Month’s Rent $0 $4,000
Telephone and Business License $400 $4,000
Travel Expenses While Training $1,000 $4,000
Insurance $600 $6,000
Permits and Licenses $700 $5,000
Advertising $1,500 $5,000
Additional Funds $2,500 $6,000
Total $52,369 $168,747

Average Revenue Per Location: $53,960 – $1,715,369

The average revenue per location varies. Be sure to consult with multiple franchise owners and a financial professional before purchasing your own N-Hance franchise.

Request Info On A N-Hance Franchise Today!

The N-Hance franchise system is backed by industry veterans and truly stands out as a leader in the wood refinishing industry. It’s no wonder why this franchise has grown to over 500 franchise locations in its 19 years of operation. Let N-Hance’s proprietary technology and widespread brand-recognition work for you.

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