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In Brief:

      • Grabbagreen is a healthy food franchise that was founded by Keely Newman and Kelly Bird in 2013.
      • The mommy-duo had a tough time providing their children with wholesome and healthy fast-food, so they opted to create their own instead.
      • Grabbagreen now operates over 20 franchises in 11 states with 175 franchises in development.
      • This healthy food franchise offers protein rich bowls, salads, wraps, and juices that are teeming with antioxidants and crucial vitamins.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $26,000 – $42,500
    • Startup Costs: $264,000 – $479,575
    • Royalty Fees: 6% of gross sales or $400/week
    • Average Revenue per Location: See FDD

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It is no secret that America has a big problem, or rather an obese problem. According to data from the CDC, over 42 percent of adult Americans and 40 percent of children are obese. This alarming figure, spurred on by an excess demand for processed food, sugary drinks, and large portions, has raised the rate of certain cancers, heart disease, and diabetes. Although many Americans continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle, a new revolution in healthy eating has begun – Grabbagreen.

Like its competitors in the healthy food franchise space, Grabbagreen offers a myriad of antioxidant juices, vitamin-rich salads, scrumptious-yet low calorie wraps, and delectable bowls that pack a protein punch. Grabbagreen’s menu of mouth-watering options are preservative free, gluten-free, GMO free, and teeming with super-food ingredients. Find out why this healthy food franchise has risen among the ranks as a go-to option for healthy eating in the franchise space. 

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The Grabbagreen Franchise Story:

Like any great entrepreneur, Keely Newman and Kelly Bird discovered a winning idea while trying to solve a distressing problem. The lifelong friends found it increasingly difficult as mothers to find healthy, fast-food to feed their children. After all, busy moms often have little time to cook quality, wholesome meals for their pride and joy. In 2013, the dynamic, mommy-duo opened their first Grabbagreen location to fulfill a growing demand for healthier options. In less than two years, Grabbagreen grew to three concept stores with more on the way. 

Grabbagreen rapidly transformed from a small enterprise to a full-scale, national franchise in 2015. This healthy food franchise now comprises over 20 franchise locations with another 175 franchise agreements signed! Grabbagreen’s “Eat Clean” philosophy has truly resonated with its burgeoning customer base over the past five years. Customers can choose from a huge menu of organic food and drinks that are antibiotic and hormone free in a quick-serve setting. The modern decor and family-friendly ambiance provides an inviting setting for customers to relax and enjoy their meals in. 

Kim Cramton, Senior VP of Franchising, provided her own thoughts on the future of Grabbagreen: 

“Grabbagreen is the future of fast food,” Cramton explains. “Not only are our customers excited about Grabbagreen, but the integrity and values from our new franchisee partners is extremely strong. We are very focused on working with our new franchise owners in new markets across the country.” 

Because two entrepreneurs decided to take a chance and follow their dream to open a healthy fast-food franchise, hundreds of prospective franchisees now have the chance to open their own location. The Kahala Brands subsidiary recently reached a 10 store deal in Michigan, opened its first ever Florida location, expanded to the NYC Metro area, and has already expanded to many other regions of the U.S – 11 states total!

grabbagreen interior

Why Are Entrepreneurs Grabbing Up Grabbagreen?:

1. A Truly Healthy Brand

Grabbagreen was established on the notion that fast-food franchises could do better. Franchisees can rest easy knowing they are aligned with a wholesome, family-oriented, and healthy food franchise. Grabbagreen’s mission is to spread the healthy-eating lifestyle, one that many entrepreneurs find appealing.

2. A Hot Concept

Gone are the days of the supersize option and the 40oz fountain drink. Americans aspire to eat healthier and live healthier lives. Grabbagreen aligns perfectly with the growing movement to only consume organic, vitamin rich food. As millions of Americans begin to turn away from processed food, Grabbagreen has become an extremely viable option for franchisees.

3. Franchisees Benefit from a Wealth of Experience

When Grabbagreen inked a deal with franchise titan Kahala Brands in 2015, the healthy food franchise not only landed in the profitable field of franchising, but also aligned itself with some of the franchise industry’s most knowledgeable veterans, The consummate professionals at Kahala Brands and Grabbagreen know the ins and outs of how to operate a franchise, how to market and sell the brand, and how to effectively train managers and staff. Franchisees who are new to the industry benefit from Grabbagreen’s full range of training programs, resources, and numerous informative tools that all franchisees come to rely on.

4. Access To Ongoing Support

Apart from gaining access to GrabbagreenU, the brand’s training headquarters for all of its prospective franchisees, franchisees gain access to 24/7 support from an experienced team that is rooting for your success. Whether you have a question on training, proprietary technology, or anything about the business, Grabbagreen is there to help.

5. Built-in Brand Recognition

The best thing about purchasing a franchise is buying into an established brand. Grabbagreen has cultivated a solid reputation nationwide for the last 250 years. Franchisees do not need to spend years building their own brand as the hard work has already been done.

grabbagreen food and drinks

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $26,000 – $42,500 (traditional restaurant) or $9,000 – $13,750 (non-traditional restaurant)

The initial franchise fee to open a Grabbagreen varies. A traditional location will cost between $26,000 and $42,500. A non-traditional location will cost between $9,000 and $13,750. This fee must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliates.

Monthly Royalty Fee: The Greater 6% of Weekly Gross Sales or $400/week

Franchisees are required to pay a royalty of 6% of gross sales each week. If this sum is less than $400/week, the franchisee will be required to pay a $400/week fee instead.

Estimated Initial Investment Costs: $264,000 – $479,575 (traditional restaurant) or $206,500 to $363,693 (non-traditional restaurant):

Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee/Development Fee$26,000$42,500
Lees Review Fee$0$2,500
Rent/Security Deposit$0$500
Travel Expenses While Training$195$1,500
Architectural Training$300$3,000
Leasehold Improvements$700$35,000
Restaurant Equipment and Furniture$150$1,000
Computer Hardware$375$2,857
Exterior Signs$1,000$2,000
Opening Inventory$617$6,263
Business Insurance$200$500
Grand Marketing$398$2,750
Depository Account$0$3,000
Miscellaneous Fees$1,200$17,500
Additional Funds (3 months)$10,000$20,000

Average Revenue Per Location: See FDD

The revenue range varies for each Grabbagreen location. To learn more about their sales, you can read Grabbagreen’s Franchise Disclosure Document.

grabbagreen store counter

Inquire About The Grabbagreen Franchise Family Today!:

Grabbagreen is at the cutting edge of the healthy food franchise trend. It’s founders sought to create a brand that promises healthy and delicious food at a great price. It comes as no surprise that Grabbagreen has now expanded nationwide with countless more locations in development. If you are truly passionate about eating healthy and providing a wholesome product for a large customer base, it may be time to grab your own Grabbagreen!

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