The Best New Franchises of 2020

    Did you know approximately 300 companies start franchising every year? Additionally, approximately 80,000 new franchise locations opened in 2019 alone. Franchising is often considered one of the fastest-growing fields and most lucrative for investors who want to own and operate their own business with one of these best new franchises.

    Every year, new franchises are established in a wide variety of industries. AskMrFranchise compiles a list of the best new franchises so that entrepreneurs who want to be on the cutting-edge of their industry can find a franchise that works for them. The franchises included on this list come from a variety of different industries. We aim to provide our customers with the best new franchise opportunities across all industries, allowing our customers to find a franchise that fits their needs.

    KidCreate Studio is the perfect space for children who find joy in creating art. The business started out of the founder, Lara Olsons, belief tha...

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    Row House is transforming the fitness industry with their indoor rowing space, which provides exercise enthusiasts with low-impact, high-energy...

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    Honor Yogas mission is to provide a welcoming space to individuals of all levels. Yoga is a practice for everyone, and Honor Yoga believes in imp...

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    uBreakiFix fixes electronic devices. Whether it's the phone dropped in the parking lot or the tablet in the toilet. uBreakiFix can repair it all.....

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    Massage Envy is a wellness franchise that provides clients with massage and skin care services. Built in 2002, Massage Envy seeks to make massage ...

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    Big Blue Swim School makes learning how to swim a fun experience for kids. Their professional swim teachers engage with their young students and...

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    Above Grade Level is an in-home tutoring service providing services across subjects, including math, English, and history. With highly developed...

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    Kona Ice is a franchise of modern ice cream trucks, which began franchising in 2008, only a year after the first truck hit the streets. Kona Ice s...

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    Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park began franchising in 2009 in Las Vegas. The facility offers an array of options for customer use. Not only can cus...

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    Mathnasium was opened in 2002 in Los Angeles with the goal of teaching children mathematics all across America. Mathnasium works to give children ...

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    The Best New Franchises of 2020 By Category

    To help you get a better understanding of the best new franchise opportunities currently available for you, we’ve outlined the best of the best for our most popular categories.

    Best New Child Services Franchises

    Child services include a variety of different franchising opportunities. This category consists primarily of franchise opportunities directly related to children and their growth and development.

    Kid Create Studio

    Kid Create Studio specializes in children’s art. The business model works to inspire children, help them understand their emotions and empower them to develop their self-esteem. The franchise offers a variety of different art classes, workshops and celebrations, all designed specifically for children.

    Big Blue Swim School

    Big Blue Swim School focuses primarily on providing children with a fun, judgment-free and understanding environment in which they learn to swim. The company services children ages six months to 6 years old. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to provide children with comprehensive swim lessons and help them develop a love of water.

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    Best New Food Franchises

    Rush Bowls

    Rush Bowls is the perfect storm of multiple trends emerging at the same time. Founded in 2004, this healthy food franchise has grown rapidly in the last several years due to a cultural rise in health-conscious eating and protein-rich meals. Rush Bowls offers numerous, vitamin and protein rich bowls, smoothies, and much more. Rush Bowls locations are bright, warm, and teeming with the latest restaurant technology to ensure customers get their orders as fast as possible.

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    Best New Fitness and Sports Franchises

    Fitness and sport are vital to our health and well-being as humans. However, many individuals constantly look for new ways to exercise, which makes investing in the fitness and sports franchise options especially beneficial. Here are our top picks for new franchises.

    Row House

    Row House teaches individuals rowing skills. Rowing gives individuals a full-body workout, targeting muscles throughout the body. It also helps improve endurance and strength, too, which fitness fanatics find incentivizing. The company offers a Row House Meter program, rewarding a member’s milestones with free gear and other rewards.

    Honor Yoga

    Honor Yoga offers an eco-friendly yoga studio, teaching classes at a variety of levels. The company makes yoga accessible to all individuals, without judgment based on skill or availability. Additionally, the company offers online classes for subscribers, increasing the overall interaction and attendance in most classes.

    Sky Zone

    Sky Zone, established in 2004, offers wall-to-wall trampoline activities. As a trampoline park, the company allows individuals to exercise, work off spare energy and learn new tricks. The company was one of the first trampoline park franchises and has gained popularity across the nation for its creativity and innovation.

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    Best New Education Franchises

    Education franchises often aim to help grade-school students with common educational obstacles through hands-on tutoring and personalized lesson plans.

    Above Grade Level

    Above Grade Level focuses on providing students of all agents in-home tutoring in mathematics and language arts, which are common areas students struggle in. The company stands out among competitors by providing personalized, one-on-one tutoring sessions at home for students. Ultimately, the program targets specific learning needs and helps overcome common issues.


    Mathnasium provides children with tutoring and interactive lessons to help them better understand basic math skills, ultimately “mastering” their math knowledge. The company itself has grown rapidly in the last year, with over 1,000 centers across the nation. They provide tutoring sessions for individuals who need help with math at nearly every level, making it a great solution for families.

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    Overview of the Best New Franchises for 2020

    You can build a successful franchise business by focusing on what communities need most. A franchise that teaches children, provides education to kids, or focuses on fitness can be a good place to start.

    Explore more franchise opportunities by using our Find a Franchise and Quick Match Tools.

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