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        Callens Business Opportunities offers a variety of data, tools, and key analytics for our franchise partners. We provide information and education to potential franchisees in order to match them with franchise opportunities like you that are perfect for their situation.

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        Our Franchise Partnership Tiers

        We provide users with three partnership tiers, basic listing, pay-per-lead, and custom promotion.


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        • Premium Franchise Listing Page

        • Access to incoming franchisee leads

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        • Premium Franchise Listing Page

        • Access to incoming franchisee leads

        • Analytics dashboard with support

        • Custom Case Study

        • Inclusion within newsletter, weekly articles, and premium placements on our site

        • Access to support from Callens Digital Marketing and other affiliated sites

        $45 – $75 per Lead

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        • Premium Franchise Listing Page

        • Access to incoming franchisee leads

        • Analytics dashboard with support

        • Custom Case Study

        • Inclusion within newsletter, weekly articles, and premium placements on our site

        • Access to support from Callens Digital Marketing and other affiliated sites

        • Monthly generated content*

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        What Is Callens Business Opportunities?

        Callens Business Opportunities is a super search for business opportunities and is the premier online database for businesses and franchise leads.

        Callens Business Opportunities offers a variety of data, tools, and key analytics for our franchise partners. These tools and data take the guesswork out of the equation and match users to the perfect opportunity to narrow down the best options for them.

        The best part? Our pay-as-you go approach means you don’t pay anything until you receive real, qualified leads.

        Personalized Stategy

        How We Do It

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        How We Deliver Franchise Leads for Your Business

        Step 1 | We Develop Leads For You

        Our staff provides valuable content to generate targeted franchisee traffic and leads, and present your franchise in an enticing way.

        By matching potential franchisees with the opportunities they’re looking for, you can be sure that every lead you get is qualified and targeted. The information we provide is verified by our staff of professional editors to ensure the best quality leads available.

        Step 2 | Details Matter

        When leads request information about your franchise, we make sure to gather as much data about their situation as possible so that you’re fully prepared going into your initial conversation.

        Our services provide detailed information about the preferences and data of each entrepreneur, so that you have the best chance of landing a new partner, each and every time.

        Step 3 | Leads and Details Delivered to Your Inbox

        If you wish to speak or follow up with a business opportunity, you instantly get the contact information and details sent to your email.

        Then you are free to follow your own processes on the best way to communicate value with the prospect, and move forward with your new business partner.

        Basic Listing

        The Basic Listing is free. With the Basic Listing, you receive a free franchise listing page to gain exposure for your business. You also have a personalized dashboard with the ability to customize and edit your listing page. Not only that, but to ensure you comply with FDD standards, you will receive a Franchise Review. If you need assistance, you can access dashboard support from our specialists.


        The Pay-Per-Lead option allows access to all qualified franchisee leads and lets you build a custom franchise listing. With this option, the users can access the same thing that the Basic Listing provides, but they have the ability to do a few more things. Users on this tier can access placements on Callens Business Opportunities and other affiliate sites, they have a custom case study, and they are able to track qualified leads.

        Custom Promotion

        With the Custom Promotion, the user receives premium ad placement and unlimited franchisee leads. Now only can they access what’s available to Basic and Play-Per-Lead users, but they are included in optimized ad placements on this and other affiliated sites and monthly generated content.

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        Who we are

        Franchising creates 21 million jobs nationwide and contributes billions of dollars in economic output each year. Franchises offer the independence of business ownership supported by the benefits of an experienced, larger business network.

        Callens Business Opportunities is the premier online source of business and franchise data. It is the SUPER SEARCH for business opportunities.

        Callens Business Opportunities offers key analytics and data, and based upon specified criteria it MATCHES users to apt opportunities. It uses information to eliminate guesswork from the equation and helps narrow down the best options. Its thesis is that information results in innovation, so that is its focus.

        Callens Business Opportunities utilizes a number of tactics and tools to help you generate the most qualified, and highest quantity of leads possible. Here are some of the tools and tactics that can help bring targeted brand exposure and lead flow for your franchise:

        Case Studies: When it comes to noteworthy opportunities, we provide an in-depth analysis of your franchise, providing potential partners with an up-close look of how working with your brand will be the best opportunity for them. Our team can write up a detailed case study for your franchise in order to drive additional lead flow and partnership opportunities.

        “Did You Know”: This tool gives users tidbits of information and data ranging from unknown stories to fascinating facts. Not only is this section a fun read, but it could also provide inspiration for a franchisee to incorporate into their business.

        Franchise Review and Analysis: To assure users of the legitimacy of the franchise, we review all of the components of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to make sure a particular franchise complies with FDD standards. This builds trust for our readers in your brand, as they know that any franchise recommended by Callens Business Opportunities is the real deal.

        Fundamental Franchise News: When it comes to franchises, we report on any developments, news, and key topics that might be interesting to potential franchisees. Basically, we provide another avenue for you to share your latest and greatest business updates and changes that will entice readers to explore franchise opportunities with your brand.

        Fundamental Franchise Topics: We cover the fundamental topics related to franchises and provide clear and concise explanations into terms everybody can understand. By providing value through education and information, our readers return to our site frequently to explore new franchise opportunities, and potential partnerships with your brand.

        “QuickMatch” Utility: The QuickMatch Utility feature uses the user’s specified criteria to match them with opportunities that fit them. Users take a tailored quiz, which we then use to build them matches with franchises and opportunities. This ensures that you only get the most qualified and targeted leads available, expanding your business and partnership portfolio.

        Franchise Search Bar: Callens Business Opportunities makes it extremely easy for users to find the franchise opportunities that best meet their needs. Our Franchise search tool allows them to provide key information about their situation, which we can then pass on to you as they request information about your brand.

        Want to know more? Click here to provide us your info and a member of our team shall contact you, or contact us at We can chat options with you. Follow Callens Business Opportunities on Twitter @AMFranchise.

        Franchise Review

        What is Franchise Review?

        We review FDD’s and provide a “FranchiseReview” certification to assure the legitimacy of the franchise. We review all 23 components of the FDD to assure compliance with FDD standards.

        Who is Franchise Review?

        Our FranchiseReview certification process is carried out by experienced franchising professionals who thoroughly examine each franchise disclosure document. After confirmation, only legitimate franchises are certified with an FranchiseReview certification.

        Where id Franchise Review Located?

        The certification seal can be found on a franchisor’s web page. Users can utilize an FranchiseReview certification while researching business or franchise opportunities, to assure their legitimacy.

        What are the Franchise Review 23 check-point items?

        1. The franchisor and any parents, predecessors, and affiliates: This portion of the FDD establishes the background and history of the franchisor.

        2. Business Experience: The franchise’s main figureheads, including directors, trustees, partners, etc.

        3. Litigation: Pending or completed litigation.

        4. Bankruptcy: Financial information regarding the franchise.

        5. Initial Fees: Range of initial fees associated with the purchase of the franchise.

        6. Other Fees: Other not refundable fees involved in purchasing the franchise.

        7. Estimated Initial Investment: This table outlines the expenses a potential franchisee can expect to pay.

        8. Restrictions on Sources of Products and Services: This section outlines what the franchisor may and may not sell.

        9. Franchisee’s Obligations: A list of the franchisee’s obligations and tasks.

        10. Financing: Franchisor discloses any financing they may offer to the franchisee.

        11. Franchisor’s Assistance, Advertising, Computer Systems, and Training: Outline of the assistance and training the franchisor offers to the new franchisee.

        12. Territory: The protected territory the franchisee will receive for their new franchise location.

        13. Trademarks: Purchasing a franchise grants the franchisee the right to use the company brand and trademarks.

        14. Patents, Copyrights, and Proprietary Information: Any pending or current patents, copyrights, or other relevant proprietary information.

        15. Obligations to Participate in the Actual Operations of the Franchise Business: Specific outline of the responsibilities of the franchisee.

        15. Restrictions on what the Franchisee May Sell: A breakdown on what the franchisee may or may not sell.

        17. Exit Strategies and Dispute Resolution Procedures: Restrictions related to transfer or termination of the Franchise Agreement.

        18. Public Figures: Any public figures that may be involved with the franchise.

        19. Financial Performance Representations: Estimated financial performance representation

        20. Outlets and Franchisee Information: Table of all the company’s franchised locations from the previous three years.

        21. Financial Statements: Audited financial statements for the prospective franchisee’s review.

        22. Contracts: All agreements and contracts that the potential franchisee is expected to sign.

        23. Receipts: Receipts in this section verify that the prospective franchisee received the FDD.

        Quick Match

        Quick Match

        We match a user to opportunities that fit that user’s specified criteria. It attracts the most serious prospects. Through a tailored quiz and matching technology, we gather information on each user to build a prospective match to fitting franchises and opportunities.

        Did you know? prioritizes content, information, and learning, above all else. The Did You Know tool is a quick way to learn more about the vast influence of franchising in our world today. Did you know that Shaquille O’Neal is a franchise mogul? Or were you aware that there are 750,000 franchises in the United States today? Keep reading for more interesting information…

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