Franchise Overview: Mathnasium

Mathnasium was opened in 2002 in Los Angeles with the goal of teaching children mathematics all across America. Mathnasium works to give children more confidence and self-esteem in their mathematical abilities. The franchise seeks to transform children’s attitudes towards math and their approach to the subject.

Financial Info

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $49,000
  • Initial Investment: $112,750-$149,110
  • Expenses for Training: $3,500-$4,000

Additional Info:

Currently, Mathnasium has over 905 locations across the country and is beneficial even for students that already excel in math. Mathnasium is there to help further expand and develop the skills of all students.

Founding Success Stories

Once she retired from a 20-year career with the US Navy in 2011, Dr. Jennifer Nicholls turned to a whole new career path. When she discovered Mathnasium, she knew it was the correct route for her, according to Guidant Financial.

“My father was a math teacher, and I have always been good at math,” Nicholls told Guidant Financial. “Education is really my passion, but I wasn’t interested in getting a credential so I couldn’t go the pure teaching route. Mathnasium seemed like a great fit combining my passion for education with my extensive program management experience.”

Her prior experience as a Naval Officer has proved an interesting asset in her experience as a franchisee. According to Nicholls, her past gave her a strong work ethic, which proved helpful in her new career.

“These are all things that were introduced to me early on, but the military recognizes and rewards these attributes in a stronger way than I have observed in the civilian world.”

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