Using the Trademark to Market your Franchise

The trademark is the strongest asset in any franchisor or franchisees marketing tool belt. The use of a trademark can help build a strong brand, allowing for business recognition across different geographical locations. However, this means that the franchise must send consistent messages across the entire franchise, advertising consistent products and services. Therefore, any franchise marketing plan must be carefully outlined with precise rules for the use of the company trademark and any advertising ventures.

The franchise must send consistent messages across the entire business.

Creating a strong identity for products or services is a driving force behind the success of any franchise. A strong identity reassures customers that they will receive the same quality of product or service regardless of which franchise location they visit. Therefore, all franchisees must use the marks according to strict guidelines.

Not to mention, incorrect use of the trademark can seriously harm the franchisee’s franchise but also the brand itself. Each independent location of the company represents the franchise as a whole. So, any mistakes can create a domino effect, hurting the whole company. Franchisors should therefore provide franchisees with direct marketing guidelines or tasks. Additionally, the franchisor can request to review any marketing advertisements or campaigns before they are released.

Using Your Competition to Your Advantage

At the national level, marketing can include TV or radio commercials, internet advertising, social media, and other public relations ventures. National level marketing can be costly but a wide reach encourages brand recognition, resulting in brand equity.

national marketing can be costly but ensures a wide reach and brand recognition.

Before any national level marketing campaign is released, the franchisor can benefit from researching their competition and defining the company’s target demographic. Identifying the competition and researching their marketing strategies can help to develop any franchisor’s advertising efforts.

Consider the following questions while researching the competition:

  • What services do my competitors offer and what is their pricing?
  • Do their marketing strategies have any shortcomings?
  • What methods do they use do advertise their company?
  • What types of customers are they looking to attract?
  • What needs do these customers have?

Any successful national marketing campaign will consider the needs and interests of their demographic. Considering the competition’s strategies, how can your franchise better appeal to these customers?

Hiring public relations employees or social media coordinators is never a good idea for a franchise interested in launching a national marketing campaign. Developed PR reps, that have previously worked in similar industries, typically come with a list of contacts or sources that can be used to grow your business. Similarly, social media coordinators fully understand the strategies behind social media marketing and can help a franchise reach a high following in a short period of time.



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