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In Brief:

      • The number of women business owners has grown rapidly across the United States in recent years.
      • Female entrepreneurs often turn to franchising due to its many benefits, including fewer risks compared to starting an independent business, accessible startup costs, and the advantage of working with an established brand name.
      • Many franchise opportunities exist for female entrepreneurs, including some listed below!

The business world is often regarded as an old boys’ club, but female entrepreneurs are quickly shattering its glass ceiling more and more every year!

The percentage of women business owners has increased rapidly in recent years as more and more women enter the world of entrepreneurship. Increasingly, many have turned to franchising as a path towards owning their own business and ultimately becoming their own boss. 

Below, we take a look at the stats behind women in entrepreneurship, how franchising can help female entrepreneurs become their own boss, and finally some popular franchise opportunities. Let’s take a closer look! 

The Statistics About Women Business Owners

The stats don’t lie – the number of women business owners is on the rise!

A look look at the interesting data behind female entrepreneurs, and women in franchising, in particular, reveals that:

  • Women now own more than 265,000 franchise outlets across the United States
  • The growth of women in franchising has grown 24% during the 2010s
  • The number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. increased 45% from 2007 to 2016
  • Women are now majority owners in approximately 38% of all U.S. businesses
  • As of 2017, over 11.6 million companies are owned by women in the United States, employing close to 9 million people and generating a staging $1.7 trillion in sales

Overall, these figures indicate that female entrepreneurship is growing rapidly in the United States and continues to expand year after year. Franchising, in particular, has attracted female entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. 

Women-led businesses in franchising

Women in Franchising: Why are Female Entrepreneurs are Becoming Franchisees?

As more and more women become entrepreneurs every year, franchising has surged in popularity as a way for women business owners to find success and become their own boss. But why have so many female entrepreneurs turned to franchising in recent years as opposed to starting their own independent businesses?

Simply put, franchising offers many advantages for entrepreneurs compared to starting a business from scratch. Women entrepreneurs who become franchisees benefit from fewer risks compared to starting an independent business, lower startup costs, training and sustained support from the franchisor, existing brand recognition, and access to a proven business model and marketing campaign. 

For all of these reasons and more, women have increasingly turned to franchising to chart their course as entrepreneurs. Franchising’s inherent advantages and benefits has already helped thousands of women succeed in the business world and will continue to do so for years to come. 

What Franchises Might Women Business Owners Be Interested In?

Statistically, women comprise a huge share of many sectors of the franchising industry, particularly in retail, health and beauty, and education. Below are just a few of the many companies where female entrepreneurs have found success in!

Apricot Lane

Initial Franchise Fee: $15,000 – $34,500

Startup Costs: $132,550 – $329,800

Revenue Range: $124,338 – $3,633,358

Royalty: 5.5%

Founded: 1996

Apricot Lane is a popular retail franchise that specializes in the latest trends. This cutting-edge retailer sells clothes, handbags, apparel, and accessories straight from the runway at affordable prices. A great option for fashionable entrepreneurs, Apricot Lane enjoys strong brand name recognition in a fast-growing industry. 

Apricot Lane franchise logo

BodyBrite USA

Initial Franchise Fee: $24,750 – $49,500

Startup Costs: $119,683- $249,100

Revenue Range: See FDD

Royalty: 6.0%

Founded: 2016

A leading health and beauty franchise, BodyBrite USA offers innovative aesthetic treatments for customers all across the United States, including skin rejuvenation, facials, hair removal, teeth whitening, and much more. This franchise offers a prime opportunity for women interested in the health and beauty industry to be their own boss and make a difference in peoples’ lives every day. 

BodyBrite USA franchise logo

My Salon Suite

Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000

Startup Costs: $582,164 – $1,479,827

Revenue Range: $291,978 – $446,570

Royalty: 5.5%

Founded: 2010

My Salon Suite is a premier salon franchise that offers everything from nail treatments to massage therapy to hair-styling services. Each location enjoys top-of-the-line spa equipment and amenities, and franchisees have a lot of flexibility in selling the products of their choice. My Salon Suite can be a great choice for female entrepreneurs looking to break into the health and beauty industry with an experienced franchisor that offers a proven business model and flexibility in managing day-to-day operations. 

My Salon Suite franchise logo

The Lash Lounge

Initial Franchise Fee: $49,500

Startup Costs: $175,029 – $377,025

Revenue Range: $280,981 – $633,037

Royalty: 6%

Founded: 2006

The Lash Lounge is a franchise that specializes in temporary eyelash and eyebrow applications and other cosmetic enhancements. Semi-permanent enhancements are also available. Women business owners have found success as franchisees with The Lash Lounge thanks to its low startup costs and solid brand recognition in a large and lucrative market. 

The Lash Lounge franchise logo

Get In Shape for Women

Initial Franchise Fee: $15,000

Startup Costs: $83,220 – $176,076

Revenue Range: $4,014 – $44,093

Royalty: 6.0%

Founded: 2006

A unique and fast-growing fitness franchise, Get In Shape for Women is designed to empower women through exercise as well as strength and cardio training. The business focuses on providing quality personal training for its clients, with a comprehensive regimen that includes cardio, weight training, nutrition, and personal accountability. This franchise offers accessible initial franchise fees and has strong appeal in the growing women’s fitness niche market. 

Get In Shape for Women franchise logo

Club Pilates

Initial Franchise Fee: $60,000

Startup Costs: $167,967 – $280,446

Revenue Range: $533,899 – $557,550

Royalty: 7%

Founded: 2007

Pilates has grown sharply in popularity in recent years – and Club Pilates is a franchise that’s established itself as a major player in the health and fitness industry for years. The brand has achieved popularity thanks to its personalized approach to personal fitness as well as its focus on customer service. Many women business owners have found success with Club Pilates thanks to growing brand recognition and accessible startup costs. 

Club Pilates franchise logo

Honor Yoga

Initial Franchise Fee: $49,108

Startup Costs: $199,970 – $299,608

Revenue Range: $328,485 – $468,012

Royalty: See FDD

Founded: 2013

Yoga has grown greatly in popularity in recent years – and Honor Yoga along with it! The yoga franchise offers a welcoming space for yogis of all ages and skill levels in its eco-friendly locations and even offers online classes too. Honor Yoga is a great franchise for women business owners due to its position as a market leader in the fast-growing yoga scene and accessible startup costs. 

Honor Yoga franchise logo

Presents of Mine

Initial Franchise Fee: $100,000 – $250,000

Startup Costs: $266,006 – $491,140

Revenue Range: See FDD

Royalty: No Royalties

Founded: 2014

Presents of Mine is a retail franchise that specializes in personalized gifts for all sorts of special occasions, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and more. Customers are able to extensively customize a wide array of items, including purses, apparel, home gifts, wedding gifts, and much more. This franchise is a great option for creative entrepreneurs and offers no royalty fees and comprehensive training and support for all franchisees. 

Presents of Mine franchise logo

Kid Create Studios

Initial Franchise Fee: $61,000 – $62,500

Startup Costs: $108,800 – $231,750

Revenue Range: $287,370 – $468,960

Royalty: 8%

Founded: 2016

Another great franchise opportunity for women business owners is Kid Create Studios, an art studio franchise aimed at helping children explore artwork, creativity, and imagination to help them grow and learn. The franchise has proved popular with birthday parties, school art projects, and more. Kid Create Studios is a prime opportunity for female entrepreneurs interested in the arts and children’s services and also offers fairly affordable startup costs. 

Kid Create Studios franchise logo

Huntington Learning Center

Initial Franchise Fee: $28,000

Startup Costs: $127,060 – $268,940

Revenue Range: $500,386 – $3,001,031

Royalty: 9.5%

Founded: 1985

A leading education franchise, Huntington Learning Center provides professional tutoring services for a wide array of subjects, such as math and reading. This well-known franchise has helped countless students from elementary school through high school grow academically and excel. It’s a great option for entrepreneurs passionate about education and also offers very strong brand name recognition, extensive training and support, and the potential to generate large amounts of revenue. 

Huntington Learning Center franchise logo

See How Franchising Can Empower Women Business Owners!

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to shatter some glass ceilings in the business world, franchising can offer a path forward. By partnering by an established franchisor, you’ll receive training and ongoing corporate support, an established brand name, and a proven business model to work with. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to check out AskMrFranchise.com’s extensive list of franchise opportunities or take our QuickMatch survey to get matched to the right franchises in a matter of seconds!

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