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In Brief:

      • Lines are out the doors and down the street for Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich.
      • The chicken chain’s success is turning the heads of entrepreneurs everywhere.
      • Popeyes revenue has jumped significantly since introducing their new sandwich.
      • Not everyone can get in on the action, but these great franchise alternatives are available too.

You’ve heard the buzz, you’ve seen the lines, and you’ve seen the fanatical chicken connoisseurs. So what is an entrepreneur to think of all of this? What is the Popeyes business model? Why is it so successful?

Thanks to its new chicken sandwich, Popeyes is experiencing a media frenzy. The “Sandwich Wars” as it’s known, has taken the public and media by storm since its inception this past summer when Popeyes announced the new sandwich in an effort to compete with Chick-fil-A’s runaway success.

Here’s an interesting example. A couple months ago, a very wealthy guy, an entrepreneur, has nothing to do with restaurants or food businesses. One Sunday night, his kids insist on getting chicken sandwiches at Popeyes. He gets in the car to take his three kids to Popeyes. He sits on line for 45 minutes because his kids insist on waiting. So he does that to be a good dad. And finally they get the food… the kids love the chicken sandwiches and even the dad loves the chicken sandwiches!

So what happens next? The entrepreneur who never had anything to do with restaurants goes home and googles “how to start a Popeyes franchise”? Then he gets the answer and sends an immediate text to his partners saying “I want to open 100 Popeyes!!” How crazy is that? A wealthy entrepreneur that had never experienced the restaurant business, tasted and immediately insists on opening 100 Popeyes restaurants. Again, how crazy is that??

What Do The Numbers Say About This Spontaneous Idea?

Popeyes third quarter earnings were its best in over two decades. Due in large part to their new chicken sandwich, the fast-food company saw its sales grow 10 percent in the most recent quarter. Lines for the new sandwich reached levels of insanity with people waiting more than 8 hours for a taste of the craze!

According to Statistic.com, the Miami based food chain grew in revenue every year since 2015, from $3.06B to $3.73B and sold more than a thousand chicken sandwiches per store each day during its initial release. Some people are saying that Popeyes is one of the most successful franchises ever!

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What Is The Benefit To Franchises? What Do They Do To Assist in Success?

As we’ve mentioned in our previous article To Franchise or Not to Franchise, the franchise system offers entrepreneurs a way to break into the market by partnering with an established brand. Popeyes offers a wide array of support systems to help franchisees hit the ground running.

Franchises offer support in real estate selection, design, layout, equipment, and all necessary training to convert laymen into franchise owners. Franchises oversee marketing and advertising and they have their team of veteran marketers mold marketing campaigns to maximize customer turnout. Franchises assist entrepreneurs to maximize opportunities for success and ensure their entrepreneurs know what it takes to buy a franchise.

Before a franchisee can become a Popeyes Certified Manager, their team must spend 4-6 weeks at an approved Popeyes restaurant to learn the basics of Popeyes franchise ownership. Franchisees are required to send their employees for training until their location is certified as a training restaurant.

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The Problem Is That People Who Want Popeyes Franchises Can’t Get Them. But People Can Get Quality Alternatives To Popeyes.

Popeyes isn’t the only franchise experiencing great growth within the food industry. As you might expect, the fast food industry is a juggernaut with franchises making up a big chunk of the fast-food pie. Popeyes applications are piling up, making opportunities limited. So what are the alternatives to Popeyes? The fact is people Love chicken sandwiches, so if you can’t get a Popeyes then what can you do to jump into that opportunity? 

Here are some alternatives that are hot on the market!

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

Founded by Travis Dickey in 1941, Dickey’s Barbeque Pit is a family-owned restaurant chain and the largest barbecue franchise in the country. Dickey’s is the optimal family-friendly restaurant.

Dickeys bbq selections


Saladworks creates fresh salads, sandwiches, paninis, soups, and other tasty, healthy meals daily. Their menu items are perfect for lunch, dinner, catering, or if you’re on the go.

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Rush Bowls

Amid the acai bowl trend, Rush Bowls sells wholesome, natural, high-quality bowls and smoothies made from the popular fruit, organic granola, and other healthy ingredients.

Firehouse Subs

To satisfy their customers’ appetites, Firehouse Subs’ mission is to produce the best meats, cheeses, toppings, and toasted sub rolls — all the necessary components in creating the perfect, flavorful sandwich.

New firehousesubs opening
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Kona Ice

Kona Ice is transforming the idea of the friendly neighborhood ice cream truck with a more colorful, fun shaved ice experience. The company has over 1,000 of the tropical-themed shaved ice trucks nationwide and is the 13th fastest growing franchise in the country.

Kona ice downtown trucks
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So What Are The Alternatives To Popeyes?

Use Popeyes’ success as an indicator of the potential success of starting businesses and franchising. The fact is that franchising and new businesses have helped drive the American economy to new heights. With the help of some clever marketing and the will to succeed, dreams often become reality. Check out some options here at AskMrFranchise, and get into that new business frenzy today! 

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