What is the Cheapest Franchise to Open?

In Brief:

      • Many affordable franchise opportunities exist across a wide variety of industries.
      • These franchises offer low initial franchise fees and accessible startup costs for entrepreneurs.
      • Below, you’ll find AskMrFranchise.com’s list of the cheapest franchises to open!

Think owning a franchise is expensive? Think again!

If you’re looking to be your own boss on a budget, there are plenty of affordable franchise opportunities available across a wide array of industries, including travel, education, home services, and much more. Don’t let having limited capital to spend on franchise startup costs hinder you.

Here’s a quick look at some of the cheapest franchises to open and why they’re right for you as an entrepreneur!

1. Cruise Planners

Initial Franchise Fee: $695 – $10,995

Startup Costs: $2,295 – $23,617

Established in 2005, Cruise Planners is not only one of the cheapest franchises to open, but a great opportunity for travel enthusiasts. 

The largest home-based travel franchise in the United States, Cruise Planners has been helping travelers plan their dream vacations for years. Franchisees assist clients with various travel planning and vacation advising services, helping them secure top deals, suggest them on places to visit, and generally act as a resource for all things travel-related. 

This franchise is ideal for entrepreneurs interested in the $1.6 trillion global travel and tourism industry, want a job with work-life balance, and would like to work from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, the franchise offers its franchisees special travel discounts and other perks!

2. Sculpture Hospitality

Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000

Startup Costs: $54,500 – $55,500

Founded in 1987, Sculpture Hospitality is another one of the cheapest franchises to open, offering a welcome opportunity for entrepreneurs of many backgrounds. 

This franchise performs inventory management for wine, beer, and liquor consumption to assist venues such as hotels, bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, and the like. Franchisees focus heavily on data and analytics to ensure efficient inventory management and help venues of all kinds manage their alcohol stock effectively. 

Sculpture Hospitality is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs thanks to its robust training and support programs, strong brand recognition, and dedicated marketing and advertising help.

3. Touching Hearts at Home

Initial Franchise Fee: 22,500

Startup Costs: $33,950 – $50,000

Touching Hearts at Home, founded in 1996, is an affordable franchise that can be a prime opportunity for those interested in the booming senior care market. 

The franchise provides non-medical companion services for the elderly and disabled. Services provided include companionship, Dementia care, meal preparation, and transportations services. The business prides itself on its personalized, dedicated services for clients. 

In addition to making a difference in the lives of people who need a helping hand, Touching Hearts at Home is a market leader with strong brand recognition in the fast-growing elder care market, offers a simple business model, and can potentially be quite profitable.

4. CruiseOne

Initial Franchise Fee: $495 – $9,800

Startup Costs: $3,245 – $21,850

Another low cost franchise opportunity, CruiseOne was founded back in 1992 and advises vacationers on planning their dream cruise or vacation. 

Franchisees work closely with clients to help them with all aspects of travel planning, helping them choose where to go, where to stay, and secure any available deals for cruises and hotels. They even work with companies to plan corporate retreats. 

This franchise is not only very affordable, but an excellent choice for those seeking work-life balance, the opportunity to work remotely, and established brand recognition in the massive global travel and tourism industry.

A cruise ship booked through a cheap travel franchise sails in the water

5. American Business Systems

Initial Franchise Fee: $26,990

Startup Costs: $0

American Business Systems, established back in 1987, has long been a leader in the medical billing industry. 

The franchise offers a fast and simple way for entrepreneurs to start their own medical billing business, even offering a 100% money-back guarantee. Franchisees are free of royalties and territorial restrictions, giving them the freedom to offer filing, collection, auditing, coding, and other services all across the country. 

American Business Systems is ideal for anyone looking to have free reign over their business decisions. No prior experience or certification is required, and the franchise offers dedicated training, support, and marketing programs to help out their franchisees.

6. Acti-Kare

Initial Franchise Fee: $19,750 – $42,500

Startup Costs: $31,905 – $59,655

Founded in 2007, Acti-Kare is a leading in-home senior care franchise that focuses on providing top-notch care for its clients. 

Acti-Kare franchisees help provide companionship for senior citizens and assist with everything from paying bills to running errands to doing household chores. Their goal is to not only offer friendship for the elderly, but help them lead more fulfilling, independent lives. 

This franchise is great for anyone interested in a fulfilling career in helping the elderly and also offers extensive training and support, low overhead costs, and a proven business model with a protected territory.

7. Blue Coast Savings Consultants

Initial Franchise Fee: $19,995

Startup Costs: $24,490-$29,990

Established in 2009, Blue Coast Savings Consultants is a business services franchise trusted by thousands of companies across the U.S. 

Franchisees serve as business consultants for their clients and focus on helping them reduce expenses, take advantage of available tax incentives, and maximize savings. They also advise on property taxes and finding real estate savings for their clients. 

Those interested in helping other businesses succeed should definitely consider Blue Coast Savings Consultants. In addition to being one of the cheapest franchises to open, franchisees also benefit from dedicated and ongoing franchisor support, extensive marketing help, and multiple income streams.

8. Skyhawks Sports Academy

Initial Franchise Fee: $15,500 – $32,500

Startup Costs: $30,800 – $71,750

Skyhawks Sports Academy, founded in 1979, is another one of the cheapest franchises to open and is one of the premier youth sports organizations in the country. 

The franchise teaches various sports, including flag football and baseball, to kids ages two to 16 at camps, after-school programs, and even birthday parties. The business holds summer camps and year-round programs and also offers sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and others. 

Skyhawks Sports Academy represents a great opportunity for anyone who loves sports and fitness as well as helping children. Franchisees also benefit from an established and proven business model, excellent brand exposure, and dedicated training and support.

Kids playing soccer at a cheap youth sports franchise

9. National Property Inspections

Initial Franchise Fee: $34,900

Startup Costs: $40,700 – $43,000

A franchise established in 1987, National Property Inspections is one of the top real estate inspection firms in the country today. 

The business provides professional home and commercial property inspections, field services, energy usage evaluations, and other services like mold inspections, termite inspections, radon testing, and more. Home buyers and sellers alike frequently turn to National Property Inspection for their experienced and comprehensive real estate inspection services. 

Franchisees with National Property Inspections enjoy solid brand recognition in the $3 billion property inspection market, not to mention extensive training and support and a protected, guaranteed franchise territory.

10. Club Z!

Initial Franchise Fee: $19,750 – $42,500

Startup Costs: $33,900 – $60,600

Club Z! Is a tutoring franchise established in 1995 that currently boasts more than 400 locations. 

All Club Z! tutors are certified and trained in the franchise’s unique teaching curriculum and serve students preschool through 12th grade. A wide array of subject courses are available, including writing, reading, math, college prep, and more. 

In addition to being one of the cheapest franchises to open, Club Z! also offers the potential to make a solid profit, training and ongoing support, and a respected, recognized name in the $102 billion worldwide tutoring market.

11. I9 Sports

Initial Franchise Fee: $24,900

Startup Costs: $36,500 – $69,900

I9 Sports, founded in 2003, offers a great franchising opportunity for those interested in breaking into the robust youth sports market. 

The franchise offers camps, leagues, and clinics for a wide variety of sports, including soccer, baseball, and flag football. Younger players learn the basics of the sport, while older ones learn more advanced skills. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized to children of all ages. 

I9 Sports offers a home-based business model that maximizes work-life balance and flexibility, plus strong name recognition and a proven business model with extensive experience in the youth sports market.

12. ClaimTek

Initial Franchise Fee: $0

Startup Costs: $22,000 – $45,000

A home-based medical billing franchise established in 1993, ClaimTek is not only one of the cheapest franchises to open, but a well-known and respected name in its industry. 

Franchisees work closely with medical professionals all across the United States to handle all of their medical billing operations. They also have access to the latest technology available to help medical offices and doctors streamline their billing process and boost efficiency. 

The ClaimTek franchise is highly scalable and flexible while offering the opportunity for work-life balance and the comfort from working from home. Franchisees also benefit from partnering with a proven market leader in the fast-growing medical billing industry and not needing any prior experience to join the business. 

Explore the Cheapest Franchises to Open – and Others!

These are just some of the cheapest franchises to open available today, but don’t limit yourself to just these. Check out other low cost franchises available so you can follow your dream to become an entrepreneur, no matter what your budget is. 

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