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In Brief:

      • The Rush Bowls franchise started franchising in 2015 and is growing quickly both in the United States and abroad.
      • The quick-serve restaurant, founded in 2004, has become very popular for its wholesome, all-natural healthy bowls for hungry customers on-the-go.
      • Rush Bowls has more than 100 stores in operation or development as of 2019.

Rush Bowls Continues to Expand

The popular Rush Bowls franchise is continuing to rush into new markets all around the globe. 

Thanks to strong demand and the brand’s adoption of the franchising business model in 2015, the healthy foods restaurant has seen its presence grow rapidly both in the United States and abroad. With its focus on quality, wholesome foods and efficient customer service, the Rush Bowls franchise has won acclaim by healthy food fans the world over. 

In recent years, the franchise has expanded all across the United States, opening new locations in 2019 in several cities. Specifically, the brand expanded to Hartford, Connecticut in February, Phoenix in March, Portland, Oregon in August, Broomfield, Colorado in October, and Boise, Idaho in November. In addition the company revealed that it would also be expanding to Downtown Detroit sometime in 2020 in June. 

The flurry of expansion activity comes as no surprise, as the healthy food restaurant laid the groundwork for its rapid expansion in late 2015 after adopting franchising as a growth model. Since then, the Rush Bowls franchise has seen explosive growth, announcing deals for 19 new locations across the United States in Arizona, California, Colorado, Missouri, Oregon, and Tennessee in August 2017. 

“It’s an exciting time for Rush Bowls as we continue to develop our brand both nationally and locally. We’re incredibly proud of the recognition and following we’ve garnered in our own backyard of Boulder over the past 13 years. Now, with a strong leadership team and a growing group of franchisees, we’re ready to receive the same recognition nationally,” Rush Bowls founder Andrew Pudalov stated at the time regarding the brand’s rapid growth. 

Rush Bowls expanded on a global scale starting in October 2018 with the announcement of its international expansion into Canada. The cross-border development deal saw the establishment of 10 restaurants in the cities of Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer in the province of Alberta. 

The company continued to grow quickly throughout 2018 and later announced in March 2019 that it had 100 locations in operation or development, a testament to its fast growth and popularity among franchisees in the booming healthy foods industry.

“Growing to over 100 stores is an incredible accomplishment. It is a testament to the growth of the natural foods industry and signifies how Rush Bowls is resonating with customers and communities across the country. This is just the beginning for Rush Bowls and I am excited for our continued growth and innovation in the years to come,” Pudalov said of the important milestone. 

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About Rush Bowls And How You Can Get Started

Rush Bowls was founded in 2004 by Andrew Pudalov, a successful banker in New York City who wanted to pursue his dream of opening a healthy foods restaurant. After relocating to Boulder, Colorado, Pudalov opened the first Rush Bowls, a quick service all-natural bowl and smoothie bar restaurant, which soon found critical acclaim, especially with the popularity of acai bowls and other healthy, organic meal options growing in the U.S. 

Pudalov partnered with veteran franchise operator Dewey R. “Buddy” Brown in late 2015 to begin franchising locations both in the United States and globally, a move which resulted in the rapid growth of the brand. Today, Rush Bowls continues to grow quickly and remains very popular with consumers for its wholesome, organic food options. 

Key Stats:

Initial Franchise Fee: $45,000

Startup Costs: $150,000 – $250,000

Estimated Initial Investment Cost: $250,000 – $500,000

Monthly Royalty Fee: 5%

For more information on starting a Rush Bowls, head over to the Rush Bowls listing page!

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