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In Brief:

      • Entrepreneurs often define the best businesses in numerous ways but three factors typically stand out amongst the rest.
      • Flexibility offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to balance work and life.
      • High revenue potential is an extremely important factor that entrepeneuers weigh when deciding to invest in a new business.
      • Many entrepreneurs also seek out business opportunities that provide a meaningful service or good. Entrepreneurs truly want to make a difference.

Entrepreneurs define their favorite or best businesses through a number of traits. Some entrepreneurs believe the best businesses are those that offer the most profit while others believe that the best businesses offer the most flexibility. Yet, the number one factor that motivates entrepreneurs is the opportunity to live a happy life, free from the corporate world of overbearing bosses and impossible deadlines. Here’s how the most successful entrepreneurs define their best businesses. If you like what you see, request more information on our site.

The Best Businesses According To Entrepreneurs:


A flexible business can mean everything to a motivated entrepreneur. Rather than work the same 9 to 5 job for years on end, flexible businesses offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to work when they want, how they want, and where they want. Business services franchises like Apex Payroll and American Business Systems offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to craft their own schedules and choose their own clients.

This custom work-flow schedule allows entrepreneurs the ability to balance work and life for optimal results. Like every other franchise, entrepreneurs still gain access to proprietary technology, expert management, and national brand-exposure – but at a speed they most feel comfortable operating at. It’s no wonder why flexible businesses are often the best businesses.

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High Revenue Producers

The greatest metric in business is ROI (return on investment). Every entrepreneur seeks out an excellent ROI that merits a large investment. When it comes to small business and franchise ownership, the greater the investment, the greater the revenue stream. Franchises like Kona Ice and Smoothie King require a large initial investment, but greatly benefit from high revenue streams.

National brand exposure, advertising, and a built-in customer base means that entrepreneurs who own these businesses can begin earning a profit on day one. Entrepreneurs typically list businesses that produce a high revenue as some of the best businesses if they earn a great ROI. Many of the most well-known franchises offer exactly that.

Work That Makes A Difference

While flexibility and ROI are important concepts, many entrepreneurs also categorize businesses that truly make a difference as some of the best businesses to buy. Franchises like The Flying Locksmiths and Carsmetics offer invaluable services in the locksmith and automotive repair industries that truly help people in need.

Other franchises like Nerds To Go can help a customer download a new program, delete viruses, and much more. Owning a small business can truly be “chicken soup for the soul” when it comes to living a fulfilled life. Entrepreneurs often find that when their work is meaningful, they not only perform their tasks better, but can actually find much more success than if they were working in another field.

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Search Through Some of The Best Businesses Today!

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs agree that the best businesses are typically those that offer some level of flexibility, offer a high potential ROI, and provide a meaningful product or service. You can browse through some of the best businesses and franchises online at and become your own boss today. Find a franchise that others will be jealous they didn’t find first!

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