Do you have an Orangetheory Fitness near your home? How about a Crunch? Or a Jazzercise? Odds are, one of these popular fitness franchises has a location near you. In fact, exercise franchises like these seem to be popping up everywhere. The fitness industry, in general, brings in more than $80 billion each year and is only projected to rise.

Among the top trends in the industry are combat sports, including boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA). More people have begun to reference boxing or cardio kickboxing as their preferred form of exercise. Appealing to a wide range of people, combat sport-focused gyms, such as 9Round, have entered the stage.

The UFC Gym franchise is a franchise that is on the rise. Currently, the growing franchise has over 540 domestic and international locations and was listed on the 2015 Forbes Franchise 500. In comparison to other fitness franchises, the UFC Gym franchise has ample expansion opportunities and has only begun to gain traction.

The UFC Gym prides itself on its appeal to a broad demographic and client base. Unlike other similar franchises, the UFC Gym franchise offers a wide array of classes for all ages. Whereas much of the fitness industry circles around adult participation, this franchise offers opportunities for the whole family.

the ufc gym offers a wide array of classes for all ages.

With the growing viewership of UFC events, this franchise sets itself apart from other similar opportunities. While the UFC Gym appeals to a wide clientele, the sport’s fans have been especially drawn to the franchise. UFC fans get the unique experience to learn and train along the same regimens and routines as professional UFC fighters.

While the NFL has college football and the MLB has a farm system, the UFC Gym Franchise may just be creating its own companion.

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