It shouldn’t be shocking to hear that social media is among the most powerful tools for marketing in the current day and age. Companies are beginning to move away from large scale and high cost marketing campaigns, reinvesting those funds into social media content creation and management.

More than 80 percent of the population uses social media

More than 80 percent of the US population uses some form of social media, according to Statista. As the owner of a franchise, it may be wise to commit more time and money into your business social media presence. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be powerful tools to increase your local customer base, especially at the local level. Consider these tips and tricks as you begin to increase your following:

It may be wise to commit more time and money into your business social media presence

Create a social media account on each major platform. 

Once you get the necessary approvals from corporate authorities, create a local social media account for your business location. That means Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Take the time to create an informative and compelling bio on each account and use the trademark and logo to your advantage.

Consider your audience. 

As you create your posts and choose your photos, think about the audience you’re trying to attract. This will relate closely to the type of franchise you own. Is your business fitness or food related? What type of customer do you want to walk through the doors? While you may be inclined to say, “I want to appeal to any customer,” this strategy isn’t affective if you are just beginning to grow your social media presence. Instead, zero in on one audience (whether it’s the fitness or foodie community, for instance) and target their interests through your posts. Research relevant hashtags and follow influencers that post about the same subject.

Cyclebar, a popular fitness franchise, uses their social media at an impressive level. Take a peek at the general Cyclebar Instagram. The images and colors are uniform and on-theme. The different Cyclebar locations, such as Cyclebar Berkeley or Cyclebar Fort Lee, keep with the general theme but also appeal to their local audience by posting about local spin instructors or regular customers.

Make your location photo-friendly. 

As the owner of a local branch, you can also build and create more photo-friendly spaces, which customers can then use and post on their own accounts. Popular franchise Planet Fitness does a great job of making their space appealing for photography. If Instagram has taught us anything, it’s that people love to pose in front of walls or neon signs. Integrating appealing wall art or signage (bearing your trademark and logo) is a great way to advertise your location. Another clever way to grow your following is to offer discounts or free merchandise to customers that post about and tag your accounts.

Collaborate with other local businesses or local influencers. 

Collaboration is a great way to grow your presence on social media and increase your customer base. Work with local businesses to host events in the area. Advertise your event on all platforms and even send out a newsletter or e-mail to your preexisting customers. You can also reach out to local influencers and offer them free or discounted admission in exchange for a feature on their account. Collaboration is a great way to get more exposure and increase sales.

Social media, like any marketing venture, is an investment. Although it may cost less financially, it does require time, diligence and creativity. Nevertheless, social media platforms are an effective tool that you can use to grow your online presence and customer base.

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