With $10,000 you can:

-Live in San Francisco for about 3 months

-Build a Hobbit Home

-Purchase a used Honda Civic

-Buy approx. 40,000 chicken nuggets

These options are all … shall we say, tempting? But if 40,000 nuggets aren’t exactly what you need in your life, there is a more profitable way to invest $10,000. Did you know cheap franchise opportunities exist?

Over the last several decades, franchising as a business model has grown vastly in popularity. With a predetermined and tested business model and operational system, franchising provides new business owners with the support and information they need to hit the ground running.

While franchising can be a significant investment, and often is, opening a franchise doesn’t necessarily require six figures. In fact, you can open a cheap franchise in an industry of your interest for roughly $10,000 or less. So, if you have $10K to invest but have no interest in 40,000 chicken nuggets, here are 10 cheap franchises that you should consider.

Cheap Franchises Under $10k:

  1. Health Mart

Health Mart is a pharmacy franchise with locations across America. With a 90-day, penalty-free “out clause”, Health Mart is a great option for small pharmacy owners.

  • Initial Investment total begins at $2,275
  • Offers franchisee training and ongoing support network
  • Franchise fee of $0
  • Over 4,000 franchised Outlets
  1. College Pro Painters

A non-traditional, unique franchise, College Pro Painters employs, trains, and certifies college students as franchisees. These franchisees, in turn, hire employees that offer painting and cleaning services during summer months after the spring semester. Unique to College Pro Painters, this franchise often holds charity events and programs, contributing funds to local communities.

  • Franchise fee is $0
  • Initial investment begins at $2,925
  • Over 200 franchised outlets
  • Franchise agreement length is 1 year
  1. Social Owl

This franchise enables franchisees to launch and run successful local social media businesses. No prior experience is needed to run a Social Owl franchise and all tech systems come pre-established.

  • Minimum cash requirement: $149
  • Franchisor provides: branded website with personal domain
  1. Jazzercise

Jazzercise is a one-of-a-kind exercise class that combines jazz dance with cardio training. This franchise offers unique opportunities for certified instructors to become franchisees. Not to mention, the level of investment is completely up to the franchisee and depends on the amount of instructs they wish to employ.

  • Initial investments start at $9,000
  • Initial franchise fee is $1,250
  • Annual associate fee is $120
  • General liability insurance costs approximately $170-220 per year
  1. Coffee News

Coffee News is a free weekly publication distributed in restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels. Coffee News began franchising in 1994 and has expanded its distribution across the country.

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $9,500
  • Royalty Fee: $40-$80 per week
  • Offers in-house financing to cover franchise fee and startup costs
  1. Champ’s Chicken

Champ’s Chicken is a popular fried chicken fast food restaurant under the parent company PSF Brands. Champ’s Chicken is one of the fastest growing franchises of its kind.

  • Initial Investment as low as $9,000
  • Franchisor has relationships with third parties offering financing

  1. Fit4Mom

Fit4Mom is a franchise that offers prenatal and post natal exercise and informational classes to mothers at all stages of motherhood.

  • Franchising since 2005
  • Initial Investment as low as $6,205
  • 2 percent ongoing Royalty fee
  1. Winzer Corporation

Winzer Corporation is a franchise that sells packaged fasteners, nuts, bolts, clamps, adhesives, etc. Winzer Corporation offers extensive training to all franchisees.

  • Franchise Fee: $3,500
  • Franchising since 1991
  • 5-year franchising term
  1. Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp provides fitness, nutrition, and community encouragement and support for new mothers. This franchise offers effective workouts in a baby-friendly setting.

  • Initial Investment starts at $6,050
  1. JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems

JAN-PRO is a cleaning and maintenance franchise that offers janitorial services to both commercial and residential locations.

  • Franchised over 8,000 unites
  • Franchise term is 10 years
  • Initial Investment begins at $4,170

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