The Anytime Fitness franchise is among the most popular gym franchises in the nation. Anytime Fitness began franchising in 2002 and has since opened thousands of locations across 20 different nations worldwide. With the company’s commitment to a clean and convenient (yet, affordable) fitness experience, the franchise boasts over 1 million members. Thanks to its many franchisees, the Anytime Fitness franchise has achieved its fame.

Truly reaching above and beyond in the business, Andy Gundlach represents the epitome of a successful franchisee. Most people don’t know what they want to do until their college years and some don’t even realize their true calling until well after. Gundlach, however, always had an entrepreneurial spirit about him. Even at the age of eight, Gundlach had a knack for business.

“I had always wanted to run my own business,” Gundlach told In Business. “My first money earned was when I was about eight years old. A friend and I picked seeds off a random tree in my backyard and we went door to door trying to sell them. We ended up selling quite a few bags until my father explained to me that they wouldn’t grow!”

While his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship dates back to childhood, Gundlach became truly involved in business when he began working for Pizza Hut, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Initially a pizza delivery driver, he eventually worked his way up over 13 years, becoming the Director of Operations for Pizza Hut of Souther Wisconsin. At this point, Gundlach’s job included overseeing about 33 different restaurants in the area. For Gundlach, his history with Pizza Hut gave him the perfect experience for a future in franchise operation.

As he worked for Pizza Hut, Gundlach decided to open his first gym in 2006 in Madison, Wisconsin. Before long, one location became many, as he opened locations across the Madison area and began franchising with Anytime Fitness.

“Pizza Hut is operated well,” Gundlach told the Wisconsin State Journal. “It has good infrastructure and that’s what I saw at Anytime Fitness when I started looking into it. The founders of Anytime Fitness, I really knew right away they were the right people.”

Drawing inspiration from other success stories like Steve Jobs to Jim Williams (COO of Pizza Hut of Souther Wisconsin), Gundlach told In Business, he opened several gym locations and decided to franchise with Anytime Fitness. Throughout the process, he aimed to open locations in areas with under served communities where gyms were difficult to find or non-existent.

Throughout the process, Gundlach aimed to open locations in areas with under served communities where gyms were difficult to find or non-existent.

Now, Gundlach owns 30 Anytime Fitness locations and has been named the Anytime Fitness franchise-wide Club Operator of the Year for three years. Gundlach is even a frequent speaker for national Anytime Fitness events. Needless to say, he has met much success with his Anytime Fitness experience.

“I started with just an idea of having one,” Gundlach told the Wisconsin State Journal. “I thought I was just going to own my own gym and work it every day and just have a great career doing that buy very quickly I saw the potential. I just love what I do.”

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