As summer 2018 kicks off, it may be time to start thinking about an on-theme franchise. With each year new trends emerge and some franchises may gain momentum. Below are a few great options to study when considering a franchise opportunity that may be right for you:

Baskin Robbins

Any and every ice cream lover is probably familiar with Baskin Robbins. As one of the biggest ice cream chains in the world with over 7,900 locations, Baskin Robbins is a perfect summer franchise to consider.

Total Initial Investment: $94,350 to $402,200

Franchising Since: 1950

Agreement Length: 20 years

Dream Vacations

It’s not summer without a vacation! Consistently awarded a top home-based travel franchise, Dream Vacations is a good option if you’re interested in the travel industry. Dream Vacations promises its customers a 1:10 ratio when it comes to support and the opportunity to work from home.

Total Initial Investment: $3,245 to $21,850

Franchising Since: 1993

Agreement Length: 5 years

Bowl of Heaven

Bowl of Heaven prides itself on great tasting and healthy ingredients. Serving acai bowls, smoothies and pressed juices, Bowl of Heaven started as a family-owned business but has quickly grown into multiple locations with a growing customer base.

Total Initial Investment: $161,500 to $438,500

Franchising Since: 2012

Agreement Length: 10 years

America’s Swimming Pool Co.

America’s Swimming Pool Co. (ASP) is one of the country’s largest pool cleaning franchises with 257 locations. The franchise even uses a software program that automatically emails clients a weekly report after each pool visit, informing them of the time of service, services performed and a picture of their clean pool.

Total Initial Investment: $96,198 to $143,332

Franchising Since: 2005

Agreement Length: N/A

Hilton Resorts and Hotels

Hilton is among the largest and fastest growing hospitality companies. Founded almost 100 years ago, Hilton now has 575 hotels and resorts in 89 countries and territories across the world. If you’re looking to make a big franchise investment, it’s hard to go wrong with Hilton.

Total Initial Investment: $29,162,700 to $111,936,150

Franchising Since: 1965

Agreement Length: About 20 years

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