Child services geared towards education

Did you know that children experience the most developmental stage through the age of eight? In fact, according to NebGuide, this is the most crucial period of brain development in a person’s entire lifespan. That’s where the child services industry steps in.

The child services franchise industry is comprised of several elements geared towards helping and caring for children and their education. For many, the child services industry can be an extremely rewarding venture. An opportunity to help others and give young kids more learning opportunities, many children’s franchises work hard to improve the quality of education provided to our nation’s kids. Chief among these franchises are educational and tutoring services, which constitute some of the most popular franchises in this industry.

In recent years, many parents in the US have begun to move towards tutoring services for their children. A key reason behind the success of child services in franchising? Parents will always want to spend money on improving their children’s lives. This includes, usually primarily, educational services.

A key reason behind success of child services in franchising? Parents will always spend money to improve their children’s lives.

Brain development: chief service in the industry

Among the most popular tutoring child services are Mathnesium Learning Centers, Kumon Math and Reading Centers, or Huntington Learning Centers. These franchises create learning centers where parents can pay for tutoring services across different school subjects. Frequently, the child services franchise industry overlaps with the educational franchise industry. Often going hand-in-hand, the two industries provide options that parents can choose from to improve their children’s educational well being.

Tutoring or learning centers occupy some of the most successful franchises in the country, according to Forbes. According to Ibis World, tutoring and driving schools produce about $11 billion in revenue and employ more than 285,000 people in over 130,000 businesses. 

Tutoring and driving schools produce about $11 billion in revenue and employ more than 285,000 people in over 130,000 businesses. 

Franchises care for kids

Childcare is another primary aspect of the child services franchise industry and is quickly becoming linked with education. In fact, 70 percent of mothers with young children work outside of the home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thus, the Bureau estimates that child care will become the fastest growing industry through 2020—at least. Not to mention that the number of kids under 5-years-old is anticipated to grow by about 6 million by 2050.

The bureau of Labor statistics estimates childcare will become the fastest growing industry through 2020.

Fitness isn’t only for grown-ups!

Kids’ fitness franchises, such as Gymboree or The Little Gym, are another sector of the child services industry growing about 1.6 percent each year, according to a report published by IBIS World. Children’s fitness franchises continue to grow in popularity, as they serve as both childcare and educational resources. Not to mention, many parents are becoming more conscious of the growing prevalence of childhood obesity. Kids’ fitness businesses are becoming a primary method of mitigating child obesity.

Both childcare and children’s fitness franchises are becoming closely linked to childhood education. Many of these franchises have incorporated educational activities in order to stimulate development in their clients. As more and more research shows that significant brain development occurs before the age of eight, education is taking a lead role in the child service industry.

Another reason behind the success of these franchises is their year-round nature. Many of the kids brought to childcare or children’s fitness franchises are extremely young and are in the early stages of the educational system (if they have begun at all). Considering more mothers are working outside of the home, these services represent trusted and positive places that they can leave their children throughout the day.

Is the Industry Right for You?

Considering a franchise in the child services industry? This can be an extremely rewarding and profitable business venture. With profits projected to rise, many franchisors and franchisees will experience success in this field. Often, excessive prior knowledge of the field is not necessary, either.


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