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      • Tutoring and education franchises are a unique way to contribute to a local community, particularly in areas with underdeveloped public school systems. For many, educational franchises can be an extremely personally rewarding business opportunity.

    Top Tutoring Franchises

  • Kumon
  • Club Z!
  • Mathnasium
  • Tutoring Club
  • Above Grade Level

Tutoring franchises are a key player in the educational franchise industry. The industry is made up of more than a million different businesses, bringing in more than $1,505.8 billion in revenue each year, according to IBISWorld. The educational industry is well staffed, employed

Year to year, more parents and students have begun to look to tutoring services for supplemental education. Franchises like Kumon and Club Z! offer tutoring services across school subjects for students of nearly all ages. Many tutoring franchises even offer standardized test study or childcare services.

In recent years, tutoring franchises have begun to implement more tech utilities in their programs, enabling students to access their study materials and courses from home. Many have even begun to offer exclusively online services and classes.

Tutoring franchises offer extensive franchisee training programs. Often, franchisees do not need any prior experience in education in order to open their own business. Tutoring and educational franchises are a great way to positively impact the educational system in your community.

Top Tutoring Franchise Opportunities

→ Kumon

The Kumon franchise origins go back to 1954 when Takeshi Kumon brought home a below average math test score. Toru Kumon, Takeshi’s father, immediately began crafting

practice worksheets for his son. Before long, neighborhood children began lining up at the Takeshi household for extra math tutoring. When Toru realized the success of his study practices, he opened the first Kumon office.

Kumon is a unique tutoring franchise, teaching students structured self-learning tactics. The franchise places an emphasis on critical thinking, a skill that is often underemphasized in early education. Regardless of academic level, Kumon promises results.

→ Club Z!

The first Club Z! location opened in 1995 offering tutoring and test prep services in all subjects for grades pre-K through 12, including college tutoring and adult education. For

the most part, tutoring sessions are carried out in the student’s home but can also be scheduled in public spaces such as libraries or community centers.

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, Club Z! may also contract with under-performing schools in order to provide adequate supplemental education for students. Club Z! also provides free tutoring to eligible students under federally funded programs.

→ Mathnasium

Mathnasium began with Larry Martinek, a math educator inspired to find a better way to teach children math skills. During his years of teaching, Martinek realized a striking disconnect between students’ basic math skills and the curriculum they needed to master in the future. Math curriculum failed to adequately prepare students for the future.

Gathering various methods and materials, Larry created the Mathnasium Method and opened his first math learning center. Seeing positive results across the board, Mathnasium centers began to spring up around the country, teaching Larry’s unique mathematical methods.

→ Tutoring Club

Unlike many tutoring franchises, which service primarily younger an age, Tutoring Club, founded in 1991, was built on the idea of providing long-term academic assistance to students of all ages. Tutoring Club closely tracks each students’ progress to ensure that they are reaping the most benefits of their available services.

Tutoring Club seeks to build long lasting confidence in its students. Many students under perform on standardized exams, while excelling in the classroom. Others struggle in class, while they have no issue test-taking. Tutoring Club recognizes that no two students are alike and prioritizes an individualized tutoring experience.

→ Above Grade Level

Above Grade Level is an international in-home tutoring and academic program that has assisted students of all ages for more than 25 years. Whether a student is struggling in academics or looking for an enriched, challenging program, Above Grade Level offers a personalized program for all.

Above Grade Level begins with an on-line assessment developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley that addresses common problem areas in math and reading. Once the results are in, Above Grade Level professionals create a personalized plan for the student.

Tutoring and education franchises are a unique way to contribute to a local community, particularly in areas with underdeveloped public school systems. Many tutoring franchises work with federally subsidized programs to provide free or reduced cost services to underprivileged communities. For many, educational franchises can be an extremely personally rewarding business opportunity.


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