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In Brief:

      • The business services industry aims to help other companies in the B2B market.
      • Payroll, finance, advertising, and other niche industries fall into this category.
      • Learn more about’s top five business services franchises below!

Sometimes, businesses need other businesses for help!

This is exactly where business services franchises come in. From signage to payroll to financial strategy, many of these franchises provide critically-needed services to other businesses, helping them grow and thrive while often turning a tidy profit in the process. 

Are you an entrepreneur interested in helping other entrepreneurs succeed? Take a look at our list of the top 5 business services franchises below!

1. Apex Payroll

Initial Franchise Fee: $30,000

Startup Costs: $30,000

Apex Payroll, founded in 1989, helps clients pay their employees through their efficient, 24/7 online payroll services. The franchise lets their clients view and approve payroll anytime and anywhere and also supports other key services like workforce management and HR. 

This franchise offers accessible startup costs, solid brand recognition, and is ideal for any entrepreneur looking to give other businesses a hand with their day-to-day needs.

2. Blue Coast Savings Consultants

Initial Franchise Fee: $19,995

Startup Costs: $24,490-$29,990

Established in 2009, Blue Coast Savings Consultants help businesses cut costs and boost their bottom lines. Their franchisees work closely with clients to lower their taxes, reduce expenses, and optimize their budgets to stay competitive in the market. 

Blue Coast Savings Consultants is perfect for entrepreneurs interested in taxes, financial issues, and business strategy. It offers a proven business model, multiple income streams, strong marketing support, and a respected brand name.

3. BlueGrace Logistics

Initial Franchise Fee: $22,000 – $38,000

Startup Costs: $39,500 – $181,250

Another one of the top business services franchises in the U.S. is BlueGrace Logistics.

One of the fastest-growing third-party logistics providers in the United States, BlueGrace Logistics was established in 2009. Today, it offers advanced and efficient shipping solutions for companies in a wide array of industries. 

This franchise is a great option for entrepreneurs with an interest in the logistics industry and offers affordable startup costs and a high profit potential.

4. Signarama

Initial Franchise Fee: $49,500

Startup Costs: $249,240 – $315,020

Founded back in 1986, Signarama has long been the go-to destination for business’ signage and branding needs, The established franchise produces, sells, and installs signs for all sorts of environments, including outdoor areas, indoor locations, vehicles, and more. 

Signarama is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the business services industry thanks to its extensive experience, excellent brand recognition, and high profit potential.

5. The Drug Test Consultant

Initial Franchise Fee: $0

Startup Costs: $19,995

Founded in 2004, The Drug Test Consultant offers extensive drug testing services, including home drug testing, workplace drug testing, and drug detection assessments. It also provides alcohol testing services, DNA paternity testing, steroid testing, and many other professional services. 

This franchise offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to work from home, an established business model, and a recurring income. 

Explore These Business Services Franchises and Others Today!

These are just a few of the top franchises in the booming business services industry to consider if you’re looking to be your own boss. Check them out and take a look at other business opportunities in this industry to find the right one for you!

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