In Brief:

      • The spa franchise industry benefited an estimated 50 million Americans last year, making billions in the process.
      • Spa franchises are some of the most recognized and well-known franchises in existence.
      • Many spa franchises provide entrepreneurs with lower than average royalty fees and low overhead costs.
      • Spa franchises provide a wide range of services including massage therapy, skin therapy, stretch therapy, and pain management.

Americans have a lot to be anxious about in 2021. Over the last few years, spa franchises have become increasingly more popular as anxiety has sharply increased. According to one study by the American Psychiatric Association, anxiety over finances, social media, and overall life goals led to a 36 percent jump in the number of respondents who felt anxious. The massage therapy industry is now worth over $18 billion with spa franchises making up a large chunk of that revenue. Spa franchises treat an estimated 50 million Americans each year in the fields of massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, cupping, and much more.

Many Americans have also transitioned towards eastern medicine in the wake of the opioid epidemic that has ravished American towns across the nation. Rather than take prescription pills for sleep ailments, digestive issues, and pain, millions of people now see spa franchises as a viable alternative to pharmacological agents.

Aside from the ability to treat ailments, spa franchises provide health and beauty benefits as well. Many women now look to spa franchises as a way to combat aging due to the various skin treatments, varicose vein treatments, and weight loss treatments that they offer. 

Our list of the five most successful spa franchises comprises the most recognizable and lucrative brands. Entrepreneurs will find these franchises interesting due to their relatively low overhead costs, excellent brand recognition, and expert support staff. Spa franchises typically benefit from repeat customers who constantly seek the happiness and zen-like state that can only be found at a spa. Check out our list of the most successful spa franchises of 2021 and find the ideal franchise for you.

1. Massage Envy

massage envy logo

Massage Envy is the largest and most successful spa franchise in the nation. Massage Envy not only provides expert massage therapy, but expert stretch therapy and skin therapy as well. The membership program at Massage Envy includes a monthly 1-hour massage or monthly facial. Since its founding in 2002, Massage Envy has grown to over 2,000 franchise locations in operation. Owners of this spa franchise will benefit from excellent brand-recognition and a built-in customer base that is ready to spend money from day one. 

2. BodyBrite

body brite logo

Founded in 2004, BodyBrite provides expert esthetic treatments at affordable rates. Customers first receive a free consultation so that trained beauticians can analyze problem areas and recommend a personalized plan. Customers can choose from a wide range of services including teeth-whitening, collagen therapy, needling, and facials. A monthly membership to all of BodyBrite’s services costs $59.95. This spa franchise’s low initial investment and low startup costs will peak the interest of many spa entrepreneurs.

3. Elements Massage

elements massage logo

Unlike the other spa franchises on this list, Elements Massage solely focuses on the art of the perfect massage. Customers are treated to a personalized and masterful massage by one of many certified massage therapists. Elements Massage scores high on customer relations and even offers a free money back policy to any customer who does not enjoy their massage. Customers can also roll their massage over to a future date without having to pay a cancellation policy. Since Elements Massage started franchising in 2006, it has grown to over 200 locations nationwide and even one international location.

4. The Lash Lounge

Lash lounge female franchise

Although The Lash Lounge does not specialize in massage, this spa franchise has found immense success in the field of eye-enhancements. The Lash Lounge provides eyebrow applications, temporary eyelash services, and makeup services. The Lash Lounge only uses premium, synthetic lashes and applies them with medical-grade adhesive. All Lash Lounge employees are expertly trained in the art of safe eyelash application to ensure each customer has a comfortable and relaxing experience. Entrepreneurs who are passionate about the beauty industry will find the low costs to start this spa franchise especially attractive.

5. My Salon Suite

My salon suite female franchise

My Salon Suite was founded in 2010 as the premier spa franchise for customers. My Salon Suite provides hair care services, skin services, and even massage therapy. This spa franchise prides itself on providing a luxury experience for its customers. Each suite is appointed state-of-the-art equipment and high-end products to spoil their customers with. The beauty entrepreneurs at My Salon Suite enjoy flexible hours, the ability to sell whatever products they choose, and the opportunity to earn a higher profit than traditional salons. The royalty fee at My Salon Suite is also relatively lower than other spa franchises in the industry.

Find The Right Spa Franchise Today!

Spa franchises are some of the most profitable and personally rewarding franchises in the industry. Entrepreneurs can rest easy knowing they are providing a valuable service to the community and earning a healthy profit at the same time. Many spa franchises have expanded across the nation which has led to excellent brand-recognition. Choose the ideal spa franchise today and start being your own boss. Check out all of our spa franchise listings.

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