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In Brief:

      • Home services franchises are some of the best franchise opportunities on the market.
      • The home services franchise industry has grown an average of 8.1 percent each year since 2010.
      • There are numerous franchises within this burgeoning industry that cater to every entrepreneur whether their skills reside in pool maintenance, restoration, or painting.
      • Many home services franchises are less expensive than more traditional brick and mortar franchises because franchise owners work out of the customer’s home and therefore do not need their own location.

The home services industry is currently sitting at over $600 billion in revenue each year. Home services franchises comprise a large portion of the home services industry. These franchises provide a wide range of services including cleaning, restoration, painting, pool maintenance, and landscaping. Home services franchises have consistently grown in size and influence over the past few decades as more and more Americans purchase homes. 

There are numerous reasons that the home services franchise industry has grown by an estimated 8.1 percent each year since 2010. Home services repairs are a constant need as violent storms can wreak havoc, household appliances will eventually breakdown, and homeowners can become bored with the current state of their homes. Homeowners are also routine customers for HVAC repairs, landscaping, and pest control. 

Furthermore, according to an ABC News report, Americans have less time to spare on home improvement due to longer working hours. It’s also estimated that 45 percent of Americans have a disposable income of $100,000. Many of these Americans do not want the burden of the DIY project; they would much rather pay someone else to do the work for them. Check out our list of the most successful home services franchises of 2020!

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Paul Davis Restoration

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Paul Davis Restoration specializes in disaster repair services. As one of the most well-known home services franchises, Paul Davis Restoration has gotten homeowners back on their feet since 1996. The franchise specializes in drying, decontamination, cleaning, repair, board-up, model restoration, and more for both residential and commercial clients. Paul Davis Restoration will also provide fire damage repair and flood damage repair for even the worst cases. Many entrepreneurs will find Paul Davis Restoration especially attractive due to its relatively low royalty fee of 4 percent.

Pool Scouts

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According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are an estimated 10.6 million residential pools in the U.S. Pool Scouts offers cleaning and maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients. This home services franchise offers a bi-weekly or bi-monthly service, pool opening services, pool closing services, and a green cleaning service to eliminate algae build-up. Although a relatively new home services franchise, Pool Scouts is growing fast as its brand becomes more well-known.

CertaPro Painters

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Founded in 1971, CertaPro Painters is one of the oldest and most well-trusted home services franchises on the market. CertaPro provides both exterior and interior painting services including high-durability coatings, power washing, waterproof coatings, and repairs. This home services franchise is known nationwide as one of the most dependable painting services around. Entrepreneurs looking to tap into the $56 billion painting market should definitely consider this franchise.


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Bio-One is one of the more low cost home services franchises in the industry. With a $35,000 initial franchise fee and startup costs ranging between $80,000 and $125,000, Bio-One is a viable home services franchise option for many entrepreneurs. Bio-One specializes in decontamination, hoarding cleanup, medical waste disposal, and pest control. Bio-One ensures that each customer’s needs remain private and that all technicians are certified. Bio-One is prepared 24/7 to go into even the worst situations. Entrepreneurs looking to crack into the restoration business should certainly consider this franchise.

Pro-Lift Garage Doors

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Every homeowner has at least one garage door. Pro-Lift offers installation, maintenance, and repair on any and every garage door. This home services franchise can provide repairs on bent tracking, faulty hinges, broken springs, and much more. Pro-Lift also offers a 21 point inspection on garage doors to ensure they are functioning smoothly and safely. The team at Pro-Lift is also available for routine maintenance and lubrication of garage doors. Pro-Lift services are used by both residential and commercial properties. Entrepreneurs with experience in the garage door industry or have some knowledge of garage door installation will find this home services franchise especially attractive.

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Choose The Ideal Home Services Franchise Today!

Home services franchises number in the hundreds and have provided expert repairs for millions of homeowners for decades. Whether you have a bevy of knowledge in painting, pools, decontamination, or garage doors, there is a home services franchise that is right for you. Check out our home services franchise listings and find the right fit for your needs.

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