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      • According to one study, the U.S. print market brought in over $85 billion in revenue for the fiscal year 2019.
      • Printer franchises are some of the most recognizable and profitable franchises in the industry.
      • Printer franchises provide a full range of services for both corporate and small business clients including banners, flyers, marketing support, and vehicle graphics.
      • Printing franchisees benefit from low-overhead costs due to the fact that many printing franchises can be operated out of a company vehicle.

Printing franchises are some of the most rewarding and stable franchises in the nation. Franchises in this industry provide printing, copying, graphic design, and other services to ensure that your business stands out over the rest. Just how big is the printing industry? According to a study performed by the Idealliance State of the Industry, the U.S. print market raked in over $85 billion in revenue for the fiscal year 2019. This mammoth number includes $34 billion from digital printing, $23 billion from promotional products, and $46 billion from direct mail. 

Printing franchisees are expected to fulfill all of their customers printing needs including party banners, invitations, and business flyers. Many franchisees within the industry also service corporate clients and provide marketing advice as well. Printing franchises are also an excellent way for customers to expand their brand by adding their logo or name to signs, banners, displays, flags, and much more. There are several extremely popular brands within the printing franchise industry. Check out our top five below and start the journey to owning your own printing franchise today.

The Five Best Printing Franchises

Each printing franchise on this list offers comprehensive training to all franchisees as well as very affordable startup costs. Additionally, they are some of the most well-known printing franchises in the nation.


Signarama provides signage for all business needs. This printing franchise offers first-class, business graphics for vehicles, store-fronts, interiors, and much more. Signarama provides services for all industries including both corporate and independent businesses. Customers can also purchase flyers, posters, menu boards, and retail displays that catapult their brand to the top. Signarama is one of the leading printing franchises in the industry and offers excellent brand-recognition.


Alphagraphics offers the latest design and printing services to make your brand stand out above the rest. Aside from offering printing services, Alphagraphics offers marketing support as well to ensure you build your brand. Customers can order signs, flyers, graphic designs, web-support, and much more. Alphagraphics franchisees enjoy excellent training, support, and built-in brand recognition. Alphagraphics is also a relatively low cost printing franchise.

Cartridge on Wheels

Cartridge on Wheels provides printing services for business owners small to large. This mobile, printing franchise provides replacement toner, ink, and printing repairs in a quick and convenient manner. Cartridge on Wheels franchisees tout clients from every industry including hospitals, legal practices, and corporate settings. This printing franchise provides expert support, custom marketing strategies, and is always on the cutting-edge of eco-friendly practices. Franchisees benefit from low overhead costs due to this franchise being an entirely mobile franchise.

Cartridge World

Cartridge World provides customers with an answer to all of their printing needs. Cartridge World provides top-quality printer cartridges, repair services, supplies, and expert-level graphics for every budget. This printing franchise has been in business for over 20 years, offering excellent brand-recognition, training, and support for all franchisees. Cartridge World also offers an easy-to-use online experience. Cartridge World franchisees take advantage of low costs, expert training, support, and excellent brand recognition. Cartridge World also touts a pick-your-own schedule that ensures franchisees have a flexible work schedule.


FastSigns has been around since 1985 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Since its establishment in the mid-80s, FastSigns has grown to over 400 locations across the nation. This printing franchise provides expert design services on everything from banners, vehicle graphics, and much more. FastSigns also provides installation services, expert marketing support, and will help with permitting, project management, and storage. FastSigns is an award-winning franchise with excellent brand-recognition and veteran support.

Find Your Printing Franchise Today

Printing franchises are some of the most recognizable and profitable franchises in the industry. Browse through all business services franchises here and take the first step to being your own boss.

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