KFC beyond meat fried chicken and fries

In Brief:

      • The franchise announced that it will begin selling KFC Beyond Meat fried chicken in a limited number of locations.
      • The test will run for approximately two weeks or until the locations run out of the plant-based chicken.
      • KFC becomes just one of a handful of fast-food franchises to partner with Beyond Meat.
      • The fried chicken franchise announced the trial after tests in one Atlanta location last August proved to be overwhelmingly successful.

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KFC Beyond Meat Fried Chicken

In a whirlwind week for Beyond Meat, Tim Horton’s announced it would no longer serve Beyond Meat options while KFC made the decision to begin offering Beyond Meat fried chicken as a substitute to its normal chicken. The billion-dollar, plant-based meat company has already partnered with large restaurant-franchises like Subway, Carl’s Jr, Dunkin’, and McDonald’s.

KFC announced it will begin selling Beyond Meat fried chicken in a handful of stores in Tennessee and North Carolina. The test will run between February 3rd and February 23rd, or until the limited locations run out. Executives of the famous fried chicken franchise explained that a year-long test run of the Beyond Meat fried chicken proved to be successful.

The Yum! Brands subsidiary is the first fast-food franchise to offer a chicken substitute. Each nugget will be 80 calories and KFC has confirmed that the plant-based chicken is nearly identical in texture and taste. When KFC announced it was testing the plant-based chicken concept in August of last year at an Atlanta location, fans of the fast-food restaurant turned up in droves to taste the vegan option.

The day of the lucrative partnership between KFC and Beyond Meat, BYND stock (Beyond Meat) rose 3 percent, a sign that investors feel the partnership has positive implications for the growing vegan trend. The world’s largest plant-based food company, Beyond Meat already operates in Asia and has plans to open facilities in the Netherlands and Canada. 

KFC beyond meat fried chicken bowl and soda

About KFC Franchises

The Louisville based fast-food franchise got its start in 1952 when Harland Sanders opened a modest storefront in the small town of Corbin, Kentucky. The path to franchise ownership was not any easy one for the “The Colonel”. Sanders worked a number of occupations including practicing law, delivering babies, operating a ferry, and serving in the military. The Colonel sold his first franchise in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1952. There are now nearly 23,000 locations worldwide in 118 countries!

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