In Brief:

      • The Golden Krust franchise has announced a new partnership with Beyond Meat.
      • The move comes as more brands have embraced the meatless trend in recent months.
      • A number of franchises now offer a variety of vegan food options for customers.

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Golden Krust is “Jamaican” people crazy for vegan options. With over 125 franchise outlets nationwide, the Jamaican cuisine inspired Golden Krust franchise has announced a partnership with Beyond Meat. Golden Krust will test Beyond Beef, a proprietary vegan beef-substitute, in its Boston, Toronto, Hartford, and New York City locations. The Jamaican style beef patties will be offered in spicy and mild flavors and wrapped in a flaky, pastry pockets.

Beyond Beef gets its flavor from a blend of brown rice, peas, and other plant-based ingredients. The patties are non-GMO and certifiably plant-based. Alfred Novas – the Chairman, CEO, and President of Golden Krust – is so confident in the new Beyond Beef patties that he “challenges” anyone to tell the difference between a beef patty and the new Beyond Beef patties.

The Jamaican-style franchise traces its roots back over 50 years to a single bakery in Saint Andrew, Jamaica. Lowell Hawthorne brought his father’s delectable cuisine to the Bronx in 1989. In order to open that first restaurant, Hawthorne’s friends and family each contributed $100 per week until they had raised $107,000! Thus, the Golden Krust franchise was born. By the time of  Hawthorne’s death in 2017, the Jamaican-American was worth $500 million.

The Rise of Vegan Fast-Food Options

The Golden Krust franchise is only one of many fast-food franchises that now offers vegan options. Franchises like Dunkin, McDonald’s, and Burger King have partnered with leading meatless brands including Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods to corner the meatless market. By some estimates, the vegan industry has grown 17 percent in the last year while the number of people who identify as vegan has grown from 1 percent in 2014 to over 7 percent by 2017.

As the vegan trend continues its rapid growth, entrepreneurs are beginning to research ways to crack into the industry. Spurred on by a rise in healthy eating,  the never-ending climate change debate, and ethical dilemmas of the meat industry, meatless products continue to pop-up in fast-food franchises

Fast Food Franchises with Vegan Options


The New England based coffee and donut franchise has innovated yet again. Not only does Dunkin’ offer a wide range of different breakfast options for people on the go, they now offer Beyond Meat options as well.  Dunkin’ announced a partnership with Beyond Meat in the summer of 2019. The Beyond Sausage Sandwich is a popular option for vegan-eaters on the go. Dunkin’ operates more than 11,300 stores worldwide!

  • Approx. Initial Fee: $40,000 – $90,000 (per 2020 FDD)
  • Approx. Startup Cost: $97,500-$1,597,200 (per 2020 FDD)
  • Approx. Revenue Range: See FDD


You can’t get much more vegan than Saladworks. The fast-food franchise offers ready-to-go salads, sandwiches, wraps, and soups. The Saladworks menu is obviously loaded with a myriad of different vegan and vegetarian options. The healthy-eating brand began franchising in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since!

  • Approx. Initial Fee: $35,000 (per 2020 FDD)
  • Approx. Startup Cost: $163,724 – $452,292 (per 2020 FDD)
  • Approx. Revenue Range: $365,783 – $1,805,090 (per 2020 FDD)

Copper Branch

You may have never heard of Copper Branch, but you likely will in the coming year. As the world’s largest vegan restaurant franchise, the Montreal based Copper Branch has plans to dominate the vegan franchise market. Although the franchise currently operates only a handful of locations within the U.S, Copper Branch plans to open 200 new locations in the U.S. and Canada within the year. To help make their vision a reality, Copper Branch has recently partnered with Compass Group Canada, the nation’s leading foodservice provider.

  • Approx. Initial Fee: $40,000 (per 2020 FDD)
  • Approx. Startup Cost: $453,900 – $863,500 (per 2020 FDD)
  • Approx. Revenue Range: See FDD

More Franchises Will Go Meatless

Although meatless products are still relatively new to the food industry, many fast-food franchises are already making the investment. The societal shift in view towards the meat industry, reported health benefits of veganism, and massive climate footprint of meat cultivation has spurred on Golden Krust franchises and many other franchises to make the change.

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