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    • Gym franchises are on top of the constantly changing health trends of the moment. Whether it’s offering new amenities or high tech facilities, these elite gym franchises are giving clients the full fitness experience.

Elite Gym Franchises

  • Planet Fitness

  • Get in Shape for Women

  • Orangetheory Fitness

  • My House Fitness

  • Cyclebar

Over the past five years, the gym franchise industry has grown more than 5.2 percent, reaching revenue of $4 billion in the past year, according to IBIS World. As the fitness industry expands, gyms have begun to introduce new services, class options, and amenities to keep up with the growing demand.

The gym is no longer just for working out. Many gym franchises have begun to open restaurants and co-working spaces in-house, encouraging members to spend more time at their facilities. Others have built daycare facilities or summer camp programs.

We’re in the age of biohacking our minds and bodies. Fitness enthusiasts and everyday gym-goers are looking for a personalized fitness experience to learn the best exercise and nutrition plans for their bodies. Gym and fitness franchises are offering new tech services to give clients the best experience possible.

As they expand amenities and dive into the new tech-based era of fitness, the top gym franchises in the industry are experiencing surges of growth and expansion.

Elite Gym Franchises:

Planet Fitness

Though it’s now one of the most popular gym franchises in the country, Planet Fitness began as a struggling gym. In 1992, brothers Michael and Marc Grondahl recognized the potential in the small gym and decided to turn business around. The Grondahl brothers decided to transform the struggling gym into a welcoming environment for people at all fitness levels.

Planet Fitness has a gym membership for any interested member. Planet Fitness is devoted to creating a location where gym-goers can work out judgment free. The franchise values high-level fitness at an affordable cost for all. Recently ranked #1 in customer service by Newsweek, Planet Fitness offers small group training sessions and certified trainers.

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Get In Shape for Women

Get In Shape for Women offers a unique small group, high intensity interval training program with the goal of empowering women through the transformation of their bodies. Get In Shape for Women encourages weight training, cardio, nutrition, and above all, accountability. The company believes that weight loss is attainable when their clients set their mind to it.

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Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory came into the fitness industry hot in 2010, offering a unique high intensity interval and strength training routine for clients of all fitness levels. With over 1,000 locations worldwide, Orangetheory was among the leaders in the currently popular boutique fitness wave.

Orangetheory offers a heart rate based workout with all members of each class wearing heart rate monitors throughout the workout. Aside from the company’s desire to expand across the world, Orangetheory is constantly on top of fitness tech updates, keeping their studios modern.

My House Fitness

After working in various national gym chains as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Jennifer Wherrell felt that her clients weren’t getting all the services they deserved. Wherrell believed her clients deserved a wholly-inclusive fitness program that focused on personal goals beyond fitness to general health.

With her husband Chris, Jennifer created My House Fitness with the goal of challenging people to experience fitness through personalized workouts and nutrition plans in a welcoming, family-friendly environment.

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Cyclebar is one of the most popular spin studios of the moment. Cyclebar started in 2004 when Bill Pryor and Alex Klemmer decided to create a cycling studio in their Boston neighborhood. The two set out to find great instructors, the best music, and an optimal environment for their studio. After developing a high-energy exercise sequence, Cyclebar’s wheels kept turning, opening more locations across the country.

Cyclebar has expanded its services and amenities. Now featuring Cyclebeats, an in-house music database, Cycletheatre, the audio and lighting enhanced studio, and Cyclestats, personalized statistics.

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With seemingly never-ending potential customers or clients, gym franchises are constantly expanding, opening new locations. This can be credited to the average American’s health.

“Despite the unbelievable growth in the fitness space, more Americans are unhealthy,” Chuck Runyon, CEO of Anytime Fitness told Entrepreneur. “They are not eating properly, they’re not sleeping very well and they’re not moving very often.”

While gym franchises certainly aren’t happy about the country’s health, opening more locations and making fitness more accessible to the population could turn that around. Opening a gym franchise and encouraging local communities to exercise can be an extremely rewarding experience for interested franchisees.

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