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In Brief:

      • Daycare franchises are in strong demand all across the United States.
      • Daycare revenue is growing strongly, projected to reach $49.2 billion in 2023.
      • A number of daycare franchise opportunities are available for entrepreneurs in this fast-growing industry.

Working parents and double income households are driving the demand for daycare centers in the United States. As working mothers tend to get back to work a few months or a year after childbirth, the growth in the childcare industry is expected to continue to rise, making daycare franchises and preschool franchises solid business opportunities.

Daycare services help working parents get back to work soon after childbirth, comfortable in the knowledge that their child is under expert care. Daycare, or childcare as it’s called, generally includes the care and supervision of a child or multiple children of ages between six weeks and thirteen years.

If you’re considering opening a daycare, you could choose to start your own daycare center or you could take advantage of a proven daycare franchise model and reputable brand by opting for a daycare franchise. To help you make an informed choice and pick the right business franchise, we bring to you valuable information with regards to the trends of the industry alongside examples of some of the best daycare franchising opportunities.  

What is a Daycare Franchise?

A daycare franchise is a license that authorizes a party (franchisee) to provide the daycare’s (franchisor’s) services under the same brand name. In addition it allows the franchisee access to the business knowledge and information – processes, proprietary knowledge, and trademarks – required to run the childcare center.

Some daycare centers are focused solely on childcare for young children, while others incorporate a more education component as a preschool franchise. The direction you take in terms of child age and services is entirely dependent on your strengths, and you should align yourself with a daycare franchise that matches your competencies.

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Why Should I Consider Buying a Daycare Franchise?

Aligning with a trusted brand provides budding entrepreneurs the tools needed to succeed in the childcare industry. At the same time, it allows them a degree of independence and flexibility in running their daycare operation. 

With respect to childcare, the distinguishing factor is the business model and framework developed to nurture the child’s overall development. A daycare franchise already has a proven model and framework of learning tools and techniques that help set apart its brand from others in the market. 

Daycare franchises also provide support and training through the initial stages so you continue to provide the same quality service and reinforce the brand value and reputation. In all respects, franchising is a mutually beneficial association that can help budding entrepreneurs find a firm footing in the daycare industry and franchisors generate an additional revenue stream.

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Trends for Daycare Franchises

Broadly speaking the field of childcare is not limited to daycare centers that provide basic care. It covers a wide range of institutions, activities, and professionals including teachers, babysitters, and other providers. Since the focus of childcare is on the child’s overall development, modern daycare centers these days are well equipped with not just toys but a wide array of books, games, and other educational material that help foster a child’s mental, social, and psychological development. 

Given the value of daycare in today’s hectic work-filled days, childcare centers play an indirect but important role in facilitating the growth of the economy by helping parents fulfill their professional commitments. Therefore it’s not surprising that the childcare industry in the United States enjoys revenues to the tune of $45.7 billion U.S. dollars today. It also isn’t surprising that childcare cost accounted for one of the biggest expenditures in families’ monthly budgets in a 2017 study. It’s projected that the number of daycare centers in the United States will reach 856,238 by 2021 and the industry revenue will total $49.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2023

Some of the Best Daycare Franchises

Daycare Franchise Opportunities |

Opting for a daycare franchise instead of starting your own independent center makes great business sense, thanks to its lower risk factor. However it’d be best to carefully study the available options and make a decision based on your budget and skills along with the value proposition of the franchise. 

BrightStar Care Franchise 

Founded in 2002, BrightStar care offers a wide variety of home-care services including nanny and child sitting, senior care, hospital-to-home transitional care, and comprehensive medical and non-medical in-home services. 

The Brightstar Care franchise requires a total investment of between $147,000 and $200,000 including the initial franchise fee and startup costs. It generates revenues in the range of $43,786 to $7,609,557. Brightstar is great for entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the growing home healthcare and child services. 

Bricks 4 Kids Franchise

Bricks 4 Kidz makes learning fun for children with Legos, specially designed project kits, and theme-based models! It believes in increasing knowledge by encouraging them to use their creativity and imagination. 

The Bricks 4 Kids franchise has relatively low investment requirements, with the initial fee ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 and startup costs ranging from $17,625 to $75,975. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who value flexibility in their ownership and want to make an educational difference.

Tierra Encantada Franchise

Tierra Encantada is a preschool or daycare facility that focuses on improving a child’s cognitive development and promoting respect for diversity. It’s a Spanish-language immersion childhood education that offers a bilingual education program and fresh-cooked, organic meals.

The Tierra Encantada franchise has an initial fee of $50,000 and startup costs that range from 

$591,520 to $1,055,000. The relatively high investment is worth it, with expected revenues between $1,468,659 and $1,879,636.

It’s a great franchising opportunity for those who want to set children up for success rather than just make a living. In return the franchise offers a strong support system and stable profitability. 

Kid Create Studio Franchise

The Kid Create Studio believes in the power of art to teach, inspire, and build self-esteem. The art studios are designed with a focus on encouraging children to learn different art concepts and experiment with new materials to create their own masterpieces. 

The Kid Create Studio franchise has an initial fee ranging from $61,000 to $62,500 and startup costs between $108,800 and $231,750. It earns revenues up to $468,960. This daycare franchise opportunity offers flexibility, strong profitability, and scalability and welcomes entrepreneurs who would like to make a difference in their communities. 

Opening a daycare franchise opens a window of business opportunities for entrepreneurs. For more options, explore child service franchise opportunities and choose one that would best meet your professional and financial objectives.

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