Question: How much is the shopping and retail industry worth?

Answer: According to Forbes, those within the retail and shopping industry reported $3.53 trillion in sales. Reuters reports this industry is expected to top $3.8 trillion in sales by the end of this year. Retail is the largest private employer in the US, directly and indirectly supporting about 42 million jobs. 

Question: Is the shopping and retail services industry booming?

Answer: Yes! Although traditional retail stores are slightly struggling due to the competition they face from online shopping platforms — Amazon being a major one — franchises can connect with local vendors and local community needs. This presents a huge advantage that franchises are using against the growing e-commerce competition.

Question: How can I request more information about shopping and retail franchises?

A: Visit our client pages to learn more about a specific franchise and request information! You can also check out our “Shopping & Retail Industry Analysis” under our Franchise Industry tab.