Makeup and Brushes

Question: What is the health and beauty industry comprised of?

Answer: Franchise opportunities in the health and beauty industry include beauty salons, diet/weight loss centers, barbershops, nail salons, spa service hotels, and other personal care service centers. 

Question: How much is the health and beauty industry worth?

Answer: Health and beauty services are a rising trend and play a major contribution to the national economy, bringing in billions of dollars annually. At the moment, hair salons represent the key revenue generator in the industry, bringing in roughly $44 billion each year. Beauty and cosmetics are a close second, accumulating $22 billion annually. 

Question: Is the health and beauty industry booming?

Answer: Yes! In recent years, the general public has also become more focused on the health and personal services industry. Organic or sustainable products represent a key outgrowth of this trend.

Question: How can I request more information about the health and beauty franchise?

Answer: Visit our client pages to learn more about specific franchises. You can also check out our “Health and Beauty Industry Analysis.”  under our Franchise Industry tab.