Question: What is the food and restaurant industry comprised of?

Answer: The food franchise industry comprises almost half of all franchise establishments in America and is one of the largest industries in franchising. According to an economic report conducted by IHS Markit Economics in 2017, the food franchise industry is divided into three primary parts: full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, and retail food. 

Question: Why is the food and restaurant industry booming?

Answer: As health, convenience, naturality, and sustainability continue to trend, the global food industry is constantly creating new products to keep up with what the consumers want. Food franchises produce around 65 percent of all franchise employment jobs. Mergers and acquisitions within the food industry are anticipated to keep growing in the coming years. They have increased by 86 percent between 2004 and 2016, according to Aaron Allen & Associates.

Question: How can I request more information about franchises in the food and restaurant industry?

Answer: Visit our client pages to learn more about specific franchises. You can also check out our Food and Restaurant Industry Analysis and some of our articles “How the Golden Arches Rose to Fame,” “Red Mango Frozen Treats Makes it Big, “Fresh, Never Frozen: The Wendy’s Case Study” “Stay Healthy and Fresh with Jamba Juice,” and more.