Question: What is the educational services industry comprised of?

Answer: Franchise opportunities in the educational service industry include various forms of service, such as tutoring services, educational childcare, career education, art education, dance education, adult language education, test preparation, driving education, and more. 

Question: How much is the educational industry worth?

Answer: Educational services are extremely important. These services bring in about $1,505.8 billion in revenue and are made up of 1,235,542 different businesses.

Question: Is the educational services industry booming?

Answer: Yes! With more than 100,000 establishments, the educational services industry is constantly expanding, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, more people are turning towards educational services to help improve their knowledge of specific topics. And it is not just children who are benefiting from these services. Currently, there are more than 30 million American citizens over the age of 25 without a high school diploma. There are many franchises in the industry that offer courses and programs for adults, too. 

Many franchises have begun to introduce new technological tools and systems in their curriculum to help students learn the material in new, innovative ways. Initially, developments in technology posed a challenge to the industry, but now many franchises have begun to use tech tools to their benefit. 

Question: How can I request more information about an educational services franchise?

Answer: Visit our client pages to learn more about specific franchises. You can also check out our Educational Services Industry Analysis, and 5 “Grade A” Tutoring Franchise Opportunities, and Study Up on Popular Tutoring Service, Kumon articles under our Franchise News and Franchise Industry tabs.