Question: How much is the children’s services industry worth? 

Answer: Tutoring and driving schools produce about $11 billion in revenue and employ more than 285,000 people in over 130,000 businesses. Kids’ fitness franchises, such as Gymboree or The Little Gym, are another sector of the child services industry growing about 1.6 percent each year, according to a report published by IBIS World.

Question: Is the children’s services industry booming? 

Answer: Yes! 70 percent of mothers with young children currently work in jobs or careers outside of the house. For this reason, it is estimated that childcare will become one of the fastest-growing industries by 2020.

Question: What is the children’s service industry? 

Answer: This industry is comprised of franchises that assist children in tutoring and education as well as childcare and nanny services.

Question: How can I request more information about a children’s services franchise? 

Answer: Visit our client pages to learn more about specific franchises. You can also check out our Children’s Services Industry Analysis article under our Franchise Industry tab.