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In Brief:

      • The Redline Athletics franchise has emerged as a leading fitness and athletics center for children between the ages of eight and 18.
      • The company is led by entrepreneurs behind other franchises like Massage Envy and Amazing Lash Studio.
      • The brand has attracted franchisees thanks to its position as a leader in the growing youth sports and fitness industry, strong corporate support, and utilization of cutting-edge technology.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $39,000
    • Startup Costs: $245,733 – $452,483
    • Royalty Fees: 7% of bi-monthly gross sales
    • Average Revenue per Location: See FDD

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Every entrepreneur knows it only takes one moment to turn a dream into a multi-million dollar reality. 

Lyndsey Simmons, a former minor league catcher in the Mets and Athletics organizations always dreamt of opening an elite training facility for young, aspiring athletes. Simmons finally accomplished his goal by opening the first Redline Athletics location in San Juan Capistrano, CA in 2006. As a well-run and extraordinary training center for athletes ages 8-18, Simmons’ training center started to grow in popularity. 

When legendary franchise entrepreneur John Leonesio searched for a training center for his young children, he looked no further than the Redline Athletics franchise, a gym with a great reputation. Leonesio was already a household name in the franchising community for establishing numerous franchises including Massage Envy, The Joint Chiropractic, and Amazing Lash Studio. After witnessing his childrens’ rapid improvement over the next few months, Leonesio knew Redline’s concept worked.

The franchise mogul opened his own location to test whether the brand had potential to become a national franchise. After finding success due to Redline’s low startup costs, quick cash flow, and potential for high profitably, Leonesio began to strategize Redline Athletics path into franchising. After some deliberation with Simmons, Redline Athletics Franchising was born.

As president of Redline Athletics since 2015, Leonesio has overseen the vision that the late Lyndsey Simmon first laid out in 2006. Redline’s business plan calls for 800 locations to be opened around the nation by the early 2020s. At present, Redline Athletics has sold hundreds of franchise licenses with more on the way in the near future. 

Potential franchisees and customers alike are attracted by the fitness franchises state-of-the-art training centers, elite athletic training staff, and the opportunity to receive expert support from a team with years of experience in the franchise industry.

Why Does Redline Athletics Give Entrepreneurs an Adrenaline Rush?

1. Flexible Options for Franchisees

The Redline Athletics franchise offers flexibility for franchisees. The option to open a single Performance Center is available, while entrepreneurs can also become regional developers and own and operate multiple franchise units, even earning a share of commissions and royalty revenues in the process.

2. Strong Support for Franchisees

The Redline Athletics franchise also offers extensive support for its franchisees, including assistance with real estate, franchise unit construction, and marketing. The company also offers robust training for its franchisees, including how to operate its cutting-edge technology systems.

3. Growing Industry

The company is also a rising leader in the fast-growing $33 billion health and fitness industry, positioning it for further growth in the years ahead.

4. Large Base of Potential Customers

Roughly three million children in the U.S. participate in youth sports annually, creating a huge demand for specialized athletic and fitness training and thus, a massive base of potential customers for Redline Athletics.

5. Successful Business Model

Backed by entrepreneurs with success growing companies such as Massage Envy, Amazing Lash Studios, and The Joint Chiropractic, the Redline Athletics franchise enjoys a proven business model led by seasoned franchising veterans. 

Redline Athletics training for youth sports athletes

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $39,000

Per the 2020 Redline Athletics FDD, the franchisee is required to pay an initial franchise fee of $39,000. The fee is nonrefundable and due upon the signing of the franchise agreement. 

Monthly Royalty Fee: 7% of Bi-monthly Gross Revenue

The Redline Athletics franchise requires a monthly royalty fee of 7% of gross revenue on a bi-monthly basis. The fee is collected on the first and sixteenth day of each month, or the next business day if the first or sixteenth day is on a weekend or a holiday. 

Estimated Initial Investment Costs: $245,733 – $452,483

Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$39,000$39,000
Security and Utility Deposits$1,000$2,000
Lease Payments/Rent (Three Months)$12,000$30,000
Technology Solutions (Equipment Package)$3,246$34,718
Leasehold Improvements$40,000$135,000
Furniture and Fixtures$5,000$10,000
Computer Hardware and Installation$8,100$9,000
Professional Fees$1,000$3,000
Insurance (Three Months)$1,350$2,700

Average Revenue Per Location: See FDD

Revenue for each Redline Athletics franchise unit varies by location. Be sure to check out their 2020 FDD to get a month-by-month breakdown of revenue for all of the company’s franchised locations. 

Are You Pumped About Redline Athletics as an Entrepreneur?

Redline Athletics, with its status as a leader in a growing industry, huge base of potential customers, and robust corporate support for franchisees, definitely offers something for entrepreneurs to get pumped about. See if this fast-growing fitness franchise is the right place for you to perfect your entrepreneurial performance!

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