In Brief:

      • Monster Tree Service is the only tree care franchise in the nation.
      • Since its founding in 2008, Monster Tree Service has grown to over 50 franchises nationwide.
      • Monster Tree Service franchisees are expertly trained and put the environment first when assessing the situation.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $49,000
    • Startup Costs: $397,435 – $550,226
    • Royalty Fees: Variable
    • Average Revenue per Location: $515,125 – $4,400,106

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Trees have the power to spruce up your property, provide shade on a hot summer’s day, and provide a degree of privacy that a fence cannot. Unfortunately, trees can become safety hazards in a moment’s notice. According to the National Storm Damage Center, falling trees and branches cause over $1B in property damage every year. In order to protect against the dangers of unstable or dead trees, it’s important to call the professionals to evaluate and provide the necessary tree care service.

Monster Tree Service is an innovator within the tree care franchise industry. As the nation’s first ever tree care franchise, Monster Tree Service has provided quality tree care and arbor solutions for over ten years. Certified technicians are expertly trained in pruning, emergency cleanup, removal, and plant health care. Monster Tree Service technicians will even plant new trees and shrubs to ensure they have every opportunity to grow into healthy adults. 

The Monster Tree Service Franchise Story: The Birth Of A Franchise Innovator

Like many franchises, Monster Tree Service began as a small, regional operation, but rapidly expanded thanks to the franchise business model. Monster Tree Service was established in 2008 by Josh Skolnick in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Over the past decade, Skolnick’s brand has grown from servicing the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware area to servicing the entire nation.

As of 2020, Monster Tree Service is still the only tree franchise that services the $21B tree service industry. Since establishing its first franchise in 2008, Monster Tree Service has grown to over 50 franchise locations in 23 states. Franchisees are dedicated to providing quality tree care services and “making the world a more beautiful place, one tree at a time.” Franchisees are also dedicated to educating the customer on how to treat their trees, what disease symptoms to look for, and much more.

Why Has Monster Tree Service Been Able To Branch Out To Numerous Franchisees?

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs with a desire to open a tree care franchise have flocked to Monster Tree Service. Here are the top five.

1. Recession-Proof

Perhaps the best perk of owning a Monster Tree Service Franchise is that the business is recession-proof. After-all even during a full-on recession or pandemic as we are now experiencing, tree-care is still a priority for a majority of home-owners. The price of a tree removal or pruning is well worth the avoidance of massive home damage in the event of tree collapse.

2. Environmentally Mindful

Potential franchisees can rest easy knowing they are buying into an environmentally mindful franchise. Monster Tree Service franchises operate under the motto “Do Not Harm”. This means that each treatment keeps the tree and surrounding environment priority one. In contrast to some tree removal services that may do more harm than good by spiking trees or spreading diseases, Monster Tree Services technicians take the necessary steps to avoid such actions.

3. A Never-Ending Customer Base

Along the lines of owning a recession-proof business is owning one that has access to a never-ending customer base. Franchisees can rest easy knowing that their services will never fall out of demand. As long has the sun still burns, tree care will be in huge demand. Rather than constantly focusing on innovation and marketing, Monster Tree Services had simply dedicated itself to providing first-class service.

4. Excellent Brand Recognition

As the nation’s only tree care franchise, Monster Tree Service is known far and wide across the nation. Franchisees can begin selling their tree-care services on day one to a built-in customer base. Now imagine starting your own tree care service from scratch. You may find it much more difficult to build your brand and reputation from the ground-up.

5. Expert Tree Care Veterans

Each Monster Tree Service technician is expertly trained on proper tree care maintenance, what to look for, and how to operate the necessary equipment. Customers can be sure that their technician knows exactly what to look for and the best course of action to take.

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $49,000

The initial franchise fee for a Monster Tree Service franchise is $49,000. This franchise fee includes exclusive rights to a territory of no more than 200,000 people. Monster Tree Service franchisees can purchase additional territory at the price of $0.25 per person.

Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Revenue

Franchisees are required to pay a royalty of 6% of gross revenue. The royalty payment is required every Monday and is based on the last week’s sales. Gross revenue is derived from all sales and services provided by the Tread Connection franchisee excluding federal and state taxes.

Estimated Initial Investment Costs: $397,435 – $550,226

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee/Development Fee $49,000 $49,000
Training Expenses $500 $3,000
Equipment and Vehicles $281,885 $375,876
GPS Tracking Systems $350 $600
Small Equipment and Tools $10,000 $25,000
Insurances $9,000 $15,000
Initial Advertising/Marketing $6,000 $8,000
Graphics $4,000 $8,000
Additional Funds $30,000 $50,000
Total $397,435 $550,226

Average Revenue Per Location: $515,125 – $4,400,106

The average revenue per location varies between $515,125 and $4,400,106. Compared to the startup cost and initial franchise fee, owning a Monster Tree Service can be a great investment.

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Monster Tree Service offers franchisees the opportunity to buy into a franchise innovator with a built-in customer base and one that is virtually recession proof. Franchisees also appreciate this franchise’s commitment to environmental responsibility. If you are someone with a passion for tree care, or are just looking for a change from the standard 9 to 5 job, Monster Tree Service may be exactly the franchise for you!

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