MAACO auto repair

In Brief:

      • The MAACO auto body franchise has been in business since 1972.
      • The business has become widely-trusted and respected among car owners for its professional auto repair and painting services.
      • Many entrepreneurs choose with franchise with MAACO due to its excellent brand recognition, high revenue potential, and huge market with high demand.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $40,000
    • Startup Costs: $297,313 – $587,860
    • Royalty Fees: 9%
    • Average Revenue per Location: $261,254 – $4,894,175

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For decades, the MAACO auto body shop has been a staple of the American streetscape, helping countless customers with auto repairs, paint jobs, and more. Even today, the franchise is widely-trusted by American drivers all across the country due to its longtime dedication to customer service and quality. 

But is it a good fit for anyone interesting in franchising? We take a look at how MAACO can help repair your career as an entrepreneur here! 

The MAACO Auto Body Story

The origins of MAACO date back to 1957, when founders Anthony A. Martino and Robert Morgan founded AAMCO Transmissions, a transmission repair franchise. In 1967, with almost 500 locations in operation at that time, Martino sold the company to Morgan and pivoted to a new business idea based on his previous success in the auto repair market. 

Martino soon opened a new business in 1972 in Wilmington, Delaware with business partner Daniel Rhode called MAACO, a name designed to evoke the AAMCO brand and attract potential franchisees. This new business, focused on general auto repair and car painting, grew rapidly, opening up approximately 200 franchise locations in less than five years. 

The company continued to grow steadily over the years and today boasts more than 500 locations across the United States and is widely trusted as one of the premier auto repair business in the country thanks to its experience, customer service, and wide range of services. 

Why Do Entrepreneurs Turn to MAACO Auto Body to Repair Their Careers?

1. Outstanding Brand Recognition

Being in business since 1972 and boasting more than 500 locations across the United States, MAACO enjoys excellent brand recognition throughout the country, giving franchisees a built-in base of loyal customers and free advertising, essentially.

2. High Revenue Potential

Per MAACO, average gross sales per location in 2018 was $1.12 million. This offers outstanding revenue potential for franchisees who join the widely-respected and well-known auto repair brand.

3. Extensive Franchisor Experience

MAACO has been in business since 1972, giving it decades of experience to perfect its business model and marketing campaigns. For entrepreneurs looking for an experienced franchisor to partner with, MAACO should definitely be near the top of the list!

4. Huge Market and Demand Potential

Accidents happen, from collisions to parking lot scrapes with shopping carts. With 278 million cars on the road in the United States, this creates a huge market and demand potential for MAACO franchisees to tap into and leverage for business opportunities.

5. Minimal Competition

MAACO, in addition to being a trusted and well-known brand in the auto repair market, also benefits from minimal competition from few other major national auto repair brands across the country. This gives franchisees the opportunity to position their franchise unit as the place to go in their town or region for all things related to vehicle repairs and painting.

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $40,000

MAACO franchisees are required to pay a $40,000 initial franchise fee. The fee is nonrefundable and due upon the signing of the franchise agreement with the company. 

Monthly Royalty Fee: 9%

Franchisees are required to pay a royalty fee of 9% of gross receipts payable on a weekly basis every Friday. 

Estimated Initial Investment Cost: $297,313 – $587,860

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $40,000 $40,000
Initial Training and Opening Fee (1 person) $5,000 $5,000
Initial Advertising Contribution $20,000 $20,000
Equipment, Signage and Initial Computer Hardware $51,500 $142,813
Opening Inventory and Supplies $12,228 $50,632
Construction, Design, Tenant Improvements and Miscellaneous Start-Up Costs $93,585 $254,415
Additional Funds – 3 months $75,000 $75,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL $297,313 $587,860

Average Revenue Per Location: $261,254 – $4,894,175

Average revenue per location for MAACO franchisees ranges approximately from $264,254 to $4,894,175. It’s important to remember that these are only historical statistics and not in any way a projection of future revenue for franchisees. 

See If MAACO Auto Body Can Help Repair Your Career Path as a Franchisee

Just as countless vehicle owners have turned to the MAACO auto body shop for car repairs over the years, countless franchisees have trusted the business to help repair their careers and become their own boss. The MAACO franchise certainly has a lot going for it, including high revenue potential, superb brand recognition and trust, and a huge market to tap into all across the United States. 

So, if you’re in need of a career repair job in the exciting world of franchising, check out MAACO today! 

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