Boy running with football at an I9 Sports Camp flag football league game

In Brief:

      • I9 Sports Camp was founded as a way for children to participate in sports while having fun and learning concepts like sportsmanship and teamwork.
      • The franchise’s programs are divided into three age groups and offer sports like flag football and soccer.
      • The company has been franchising since 2003.
      • Many entrepreneurs choose to franchise with I9 Sports due to its affordable costs, strong brand recognition, and position as a market leader in the huge youth sports industry.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $24,900
    • Startup Costs: $59,900 – $69,900
    • Royalty Fees: 7.5%
    • Average Revenue per Location: $59,358 – $1,274,796

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The fast-growing youth sports industry is increasingly being seen as a home run for anyone looking to get into franchising and become their own boss for many reasons. One franchise that’s been a market leader in this booming industry is the I9 Sports Camp, which continues to attract new franchisees who want a foothold in the industry. 

But is this franchise a good deal for entrepreneurs? Take a look below to find out! 

The I9 Sports Camp Story

I9 Sports is a youth sports franchise that offers sports leagues, clinics, and camps for children divided into three age groups: pee wees, juniors, and seniors. The franchise offers kids the opportunity to play sports like soccer, baseball, flag football, and many others while learning the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect. 

The origins of the I9 Sports franchise date back to 1995 when Frank Fiume, a medical device sales representative from Long Island, New York, decided to stake out on his own as an entrepreneur after becoming disenchanted with his career. Fiume, long passionate about sports since his childhood, wanted to create a sports camp similar to a local adult men’s softball league was like, but better run and organized. 

After doing some research, Fiume discovered that other local leagues were pulling in huge amounts of revenue despite being poorly run and decided to launch an adult softball league of his own, using proprietary technology to create a much better organized structure that improved communication, scheduling, and scoring. Despite encountering plenty of doubters along the way, Fiume’s model soon proved to be very successful, growing to over 1,000 teams in just a few years. 

Encouraged by his early success, Fiume, after relocating to Tampa, Florida in 1996 with his family, began to seriously think about how his business concepts could be applied to youth sports, as it represented a huge market with lots of potential. Fiume researched youth sports leagues and soon discovered that, much like the adult sports leagues he played in prior, they suffered from the same disorganization and poor communication. More importantly, he also found out that many youth sports leagues suffered from a destruction level of competition and a highly-politicized culture that prevented many kids from having fun while playing or achieving their full potential. 

Believing he could solve these issues, Fiume set about creating a youth sports league based on his own successful business model that emphasized fun and sportsmanship for its young participants. His new youth sports organization launched in 1998 initially as a flag football league and soon branched out into other sports after finding success and Fiume’s partnering with youth sports experts from across the United States. The fast-growing organization was rebranded as I9 Sports in 2003 and started franchising later that year, leading to further growth in the following years. 

Today, the I9 Sports Camp has enjoyed remarkable growth and success, boasting more than 2.5 million player registrations and over 925 locations all across the country. It continues to attract new participants every year and has received a very positive reception from kids and parents alike. 

Why Do Entrepreneurs Team Up with I9 Sports?

1. Market Leader in a Booming Industry

I9 Sports prides itself as the first and largest youth sports league in the United States, positioning it as a respected market leader in this growing industry. Per Business Wire, the youth sports industry encompasses a staggering $19.2 billion market in the United States – eclipsing even the $15 billion market owned by the National Football League. 

In addition, the I9 Sports franchise also boasts a huge market potential, as more than 45 million children in the U.S. play youth sports every year, creating a massive potential customer base for franchisees to tap into.

2. Major Player in the Fitness and Health Sector

In addition to all this, I9 Sports is well-positioned in the growing health and fitness sector for years to come. As both parents and children strive to become more physically-active and live healthier lifestyles, I9 Sports will likely benefit both now and in the future.

3. Accessible Costs

Compared to many other franchises, I9 Sports offers fairly affordable startup costs. This, in turn, makes the business more accessible to all sorts of prospective franchisees, including those with limited funding.

4. Ideal Opportunity for Fitness-Minded Entrepreneurs

It goes without saying that an opportunity like the I9 Sports franchise is great for fitness-minded entrepreneurs. The franchise is a very well-recognized and respected brand in the youth sports and fitness sector, making it a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to work in this space.

5. Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Who Enjoy Working with Children

Finally, in addition to being a prime opportunity for fitness-minded entrepreneurs, it’s also a great opportunity for those who enjoy working with children of all ages, from ages three and up. 

Three youth sports soccer players chase the ball at an I9 Sports Camp soccer game

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $24,900

I9 Sports imposes a $24,900 initial franchise fee on all new franchisees. However, as the company is part of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program, a 10% discount is available to qualifying franchisees. 

Monthly Royalty Fee: 7.5%

I9 Sports franchisees pay a 7.5% royalty fee to the franchisor on a monthly basis. The fee is dedicated electronically from the franchisee’s revenue by the company. 

Estimated Initial Investment Cost: $59,900 – $69,900

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $24,900 $24,900
Territory Fee $15,000 $15,000
Grand Opening Advertising $5,000 $7,000
Insurance $1,000 $1,500
Legal & Accounting Services $800 $1,500
Furniture, Equipment, Inventory, and Supplies $3,000 $4,000
Training Expenses $1,200 $2,000
Additional Funds (3 Months) $9,000 $14,000
Estimated Total $59,900 $69,900

Average Revenue Per Location: $59,358 – $1,274,796

Average revenue per location for I9 Sports franchise units ranges from $59,358 to $1,274,796. It’s important to remember that these figures are only based on historical averages and are not in any way a guarantee of revenue for prospective franchisees. 

Make I9 Sports Part of Your Game Plan as an Entrepreneur!

I9 Sports, with its affordable costs, position as a market leader in the massive youth sports industry, proven business model, and growing brand recognition, offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make an established, growing youth sports franchise a key part of their game plan. If you love sports, working with kids, and being your own boss, I9 Sports might just be a slam dunk for you!

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