Aft deck of a cruise ship booked through the CruiseOne travel agency

In Brief:

      • The CruiseOne travel agency has been booking dream vacations for customers since 1992.
      • The franchise is one of the best-known travel agencies in the world today.
      • Many entrepreneurs choose to franchise with CruiseOne due to its affordable startup costs, ability to work from home, and flexible business model.

Financial Summary

    • Initial Franchise Fee: $495 – $9,800
    • Startup Costs: $1,795 – $20,300
    • Royalty Fees: 1.5% – 3%
    • Average Revenue per Location: $53,454 – $3,712,525

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Since 1992, the CruiseOne travel agency has helped countless vacationers take their dream cruise or excursion all around the world. 

For years, the franchise has been a major player in the global travel and tourism industry and is well-known to anyone seeking a memorable getaway. But what does it offer entrepreneurs? 

We explore just that below, taking a detailed look at the company’s history, advantages for franchisees, and critical FDD information. Let’s set sail into another case study from, this time taking a look at the CruiseOne travel agency! 

The CruiseOne Story

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, CruiseOne was established on July 16, 1992 and has also been franchising since that year.

The travel franchise initially started booking cruises and found success in this niche, though eventually branched out into general vacation bookings all around the world. 

In 2003, the franchise, along with other brands such as and CruisesOnly, was acquired by World Travel Holdings, greatly expanding its brand reach and making it one of the preeminent travel agencies in the world. Later, in 2016, it expanded under the “Dream Vacations” brand and has since become even better-known with vacationers looking for getaways all across the world, not just cruises. 

Today, the CruiseOne travel agency is one of the leading travel franchises in the world, boasting more than 1,300 dedicated franchisees and excellent brand recognition in the $1.6 trillion global travel and leisure industry. 

Cruise ship view of water and islands from CruiseOne travel agency

Why are Entrepreneurs Jumping Aboard the CruiseOne Travel Agency?

1. Very Affordable Startup Costs

When it comes to affordable startup costs for entrepreneurs, the CruiseOne travel agency is hard to beat. This makes it an ideal franchise for entrepreneurs working with tight budgets and those who in general are very frugal.

2. Great Revenue Potential

This franchise, in addition to its very low initial investment costs, also offers great revenue potential, giving savvy entrepreneurs a great opportunity to maximize their profits.

3. Work from the Comfort of Your Own Home

What’s better than being your own boss from the comfort of your own home? For CruiseOne travel agency franchisees, this isn’t just a dream – it’s reality! Working from home provides entrepreneurs the chance to maximize their work-life balance, cut their commuting costs to zero, reduce overhead costs greatly, and not have to worry about managing any inventory, all the while advancing their careers in the huge global travel industry.

4. Scalable and Flexible

The CruiseOne franchise offers a nimble business model that emphasizes flexibility and scalability, making it perfect for entrepreneurs who need a proper work-life balance while also focusing on growing their franchise unit on their own terms.

5. Prime Opportunity for Travel Enthusiasts

Finally, being a franchisee with the CruiseOne travel agency is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs who love to travel. They receive not only the satisfaction of helping others book the vacations of their dreams, but also some good insider tips and interesting travel ideas in the process! 

FDD Summary

Initial Franchise Fee: $495 – $9,800

The CruiseOne travel agency breaks its initial franchise fee down based on the experience level of their franchisees. The standard fee for new franchisees with no prior experience in the cruise industry is $9,800, but discounts are available for intermediate franchisees, who pay a lower fee of $3,195, and for experienced franchisees, who pay just $495. 

The fees are nonrefundable and due prior to the franchisee’s training session with the company. 

Royalty Fees: 1.5% – 3%

The royalty fee for the CruiseOne franchise varies from 1.5% to 3% of a franchisee’s annual commissionable sales and is automatically deducted from their commissions. 

Estimated Initial Investment Costs: $1,795 – $20,300

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $495 $9,800
Training Expenses $200 $250
Additional Signatories/Associates Training and Travel $0 $645
Office Equipment and Furniture $0 $1,500
Initial Office Supplies $50 $300
Computer Hardware/Software Equipment $0 $2,500
Insurance, Legal and Accounting $150 $1,000
Permits, Franchises, Bonds & Memberships $150 $500
Initial Promotion and Advertising $250 $1,200
Criminal and Civil Background Check $0 $30
Additional Funds (3 months initial phase for full-time franchisees) $14,502 $131,344
Opening Inventory $5,000 $19,738
Business Licenses $0 $12,780
Insurance $0 $8,000
Miscellaneous Expenses (3 months) $0 $86,200
Additional Funds (Working Capital – 3 months) $500 $2,500
Financing Application Fee $0 $75
Estimated Total Cost $1,795 $20,300

Revenue Range: $53,454 – $3,712,525

The revenue range for CruiseOne franchisees is between $53,454 and $3,712,525. It’s important to note that these are only historical revenue statistics and in no way a prediction of future revenue for franchisees. 

Cruise into New Opportunities with the CruiseOne Travel Agency!

With its low startup costs and overhead, huge market potential, flexible business model, and ability to work remotely, CruiseOne offers an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in the massive global travel and tourism industry. 

If the ability to work from the comfort of your own home without having to worry about managing an inventory or deal with high overhead or capital investment costs sounds appealing, you might just want to hop aboard this franchise and set sail for new opportunities in a growing, global industry! 

Ready to explore new opportunities with CruiseOne? Check out their client page here!

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