Dollar Store Services Franchise - Cost & Information

    Dollar Store Services Franchise - Cost & Profit

    Initial Franchise Fee: $0
    Startup Costs: $69,900 - $699,900
    Revenue Range: See FDD
    Royalty: No Royalties
    Founded: 1993

    About Dollar Store Services

    What is this franchise about?

    With customers using grocery chains for all their perishable groceries, dollar stores are in a prime position to provide all household necessities.

    What does it sell — and how is money made?

    • Dollar Store Services provide everyday items all priced at one dollar. This includes cleaning supplies, personal grooming items, grocery store necessities, snack foods, party supplies, all from national, recognized brands.
    • Owners of the franchise can choose to open $1, $2, or $3 dollar stores, as well as Dollar Plus or 99 cent stores.
    • The Big Box Dollar Store option is amplified version of the classic store. It is like a mini-grocery store stocked with a variety of products from over 40 other departments, priced at one dollar. The inclusion of freezers and coolers allows owners to sell perishable items.

    What type of entrepreneur is it perfect for?

    Dollar Store Services does not want you to lose your entrepreneurial spirit, so they guarantee as an owner, you will be fully supported, supplied with all the goods and supplies you need for your business, and no extra obligations that will eat up the store’s profits.

    Dollar Store Services Franchise Opportunity

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    Financial Information

    Initial Franchise Fee: $0
    Additional Startup Costs: $69,900 - $699,900
    Total Investment: $69,900 - $699,900

    Dollar Store Services Franchise Locations

    Category: Retail
    Locations: CA, HI, IL, IN, MA, MN, NY, ND, RI, SD, VA, WA

    Dollar Store Services Franchise Information