5 Ecommerce Tips for 2021

    In Brief:

  • Ecommerce is expected to grow quickly in 2021. 

  • Brands should leverage ecommerce best practices to stay competitive. 

  • Find five useful ecommerce tips for 2021 below!

Ecommerce has been growing rapidly for years now, but 2020 was really the year that took it to unprecedented heights due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the global health crisis unlikely to abate quickly, 2021 is poised to continue the rapid growth of ecommerce for the year of the year and almost certainly for years to come ahead. But how should entrepreneurs leverage it to grow their businesses?

Fortunately, we’ve compiled five actionable, useful ecommerce tips to help your brand find success in 2021 and beyond. Here’s a quick look at five ecommerce tips to help your brand achieve new growth in 2021 and for years to come!

Invest in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a great way to boost your ecommerce brand, so be sure to leverage it effectively. 

That means doing SEO to increase your rankings for your target keywords, content marketing to create engaging and useful content that draws in your target audience, and  paid search to boost your brand awareness and generate leads. 

Social media marketing is another great tool to use, especially when it comes to humanizing your brand, engaging with customers, and reaching new audiences, while email marketing is very useful at reducing cart abandonment, generating leads, and keeping your customers engaged and interested with information regarding sales, new products, service changes, and the like. 

Bottom line: use digital marketing to boost your brand! 

Build a Customer Loyalty Program

Developing a customer loyalty program is a great way to encourage repeat purchases, increase conversions, and build customer loyalty and trust for your brand. With ecommerce more competitive than ever, ensuring customer loyalty can give your business a key edge in 2021 and beyond. 

Create a Simplified Shopping Experience

When creating your product and checkout pages, strip away any distractions and instead focus on conversions. To that end, make sure they’re free of pop-ups or distracting content that would hamper the sale, ensure that your CTA buttons are clear, and double-check that your instructions on how to purchase a product and checkout are clear, concise, and logical. 

By creating a simplified and seamless shopping experience, especially on mobile, your brand can not only boost sales, but ensure a positive customer experience that will make users more likely to become repeat customers over the long-term. 

Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating aspects of ecommerce, as a sale appears so close yet so far at the same time for reasons beyond your knowledge or control. 

However, there’s a number of proven strategies you can implement to reduce cart abandonment. A few of these include launching a remarketing campaign to target users who have abandoned their carts before checkout, offering multiple payment and shipping options, ensuring that your CTAs are strong and clear, offering guest checkout options, implement ways customers can save their carts, and ensuring that your website is fast and mobile-friendly. 

Use Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing technology can be used to monitor the prices of your competitor’s products and adjust your own accordingly. Give it a try to stay competitive in terms of pricing and you help protect your own brand from dramatic changes in the market. 

Leverage These Ecommerce Tips for Success in 2021!

Ecommerce is still set to boom in 2021 and beyond, so make sure your brand is ready! By using these actionable tips, you can better position your business for ecommerce success for years to come!