Utilize your Franchise’s National Campaign

There are many benefits to franchising but certainly one of the best advantages of operating a Franchise is the benefit of other Franchises marketing. So, when taking into consideration how to advertise and/or promote your Franchise, always first consider strength in numbers.

Generally, Franchises are informed of advertising budget allocations and strategies that are proven to be successful. Start off by reaching out to your fellow franchisees to see what marketing strategies have been working for them.

When deciding how to advertise or promote your franchise, consider strength in numbers.

Market Locally

Purchasing your own franchise can offer an established market presence as well as all the benefits of a tried-and-tested formula from preexisting franchises for attracting new customers, however, each local market is different and you are going to want to tailor marketing to your location.

Undoubtedly, marketing programs carried out at franchisor head office level are one important part of that formula. National marketing campaigns allow franchisees to be part of well-recognized brands at a national level. Ultimately all the marketing efforts funnel down to the local franchise as each franchise does business locally, dealing on a daily basis with the community

To make the most out of your newly purchased franchise it is essential to utilize marketing within your local community. Advertising locally allows you to tailor your marketing program to your localized market. All local markets are different so by being of a local market it would be in your best interest to study local marketing demographics as well as communicate with your local community. A few ways to do this would be through utilization of Social Media with a local area marketing initiative, e-mail campaigns and asking questions via website surveys. These allow you to speak with your customers one-to-one.

It would also be wise to talk to your clients in person. Often local markets will be responsive, however offering incentives in the form of discounts and giveaways are great ways to collect information that will help you know your local clients best interests. Your goal should be to have your business be the number one consideration for your industry. You have the reputation of an established brand behind you, now convey to your potential clients why they should use your products and/or services over your competitors.

Ask yourself what are the events, dates, and celebrations that people hold where the community comes together and consider showcasing your business is presence in these events to build relationships within your community. Building relationships with customers and being perceived as locally relevant ensures a sense of credibility and trust.

By ensuring local area marketing strategies are in place and keeping abreast with what is happening within the local area, franchisees will continue to grow their share of the market. 

In a franchise business model, local area marketing is another phase of a broader national campaign, as single franchisees live and breathe the local community and have the knowledge to customize marketing messages for that particular area.

Is your franchise business locally present in the online space? On a national level, a franchisor’s website needs to have a strong, consistent brand but it also needs one that points to your business on a local level.

Integrate direct mail promotions with online campaigns communicated via each franchisee’s website. This integration is predominately campaign awareness and a lead generation device, allowing franchisees to collect more information on their local customers through customer data input forms. 

Email marketing is another medium which we have developed to provide franchisees with templates and the right tools. User information should be collected via your website and managed through a customer relationship database tool.







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