Owning a franchise can be highly rewarding but not without its challenges. You have invested in the business and now it’s time to ensure you invest in the right employees to staff it. This can be the most difficult part of ensuring your franchise’s success. One wrong hire, and it’s possible your business will suffer.

Improving Your Franchise Hiring Strategies

When you are hiring for a franchise, you’re often faced with different challenges. Many franchise owners are inexperienced with hiring in a general sense, as well, which adds to the difficulty. It’s one of the reasons that new franchise owners in Australia are some of the most common clients we have here at Recruit Shop because we have experience hiring for franchises. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

One wrong hire, and it’s possible your business will suffer.

With that in mind, there are strategies you can use to improve your hiring ability. These include:

  1. Have a Plan – Long before you decide to hire for the position, make sure you have a strategy in place. Don’t simply post to the nearest job board and then conduct interviews with whoever applies. Make sure you have a list of well thought out questions, and ideas of what you’re looking for so that you can assess the skills and traits that are necessary for each position.
  2. Go the Extra Mile – Check references on all the candidates that you have interviewed, conduct Google searches, and otherwise take extra steps that other businesses don’t take. Larger companies can often afford to take a risk without those extra steps, but smaller companies should use every piece of information they can to find the right candidate.

3. Don’t Hire After One Interview – Many franchise owners find that they are a little too eager to hire the candidate after a good interview. But give yourself time to make a good decision.  Plan to do more than one round of interviews with your qualified candidates, consider doing a second interview in a different setting, like a coffee shop. This will allow you to see a different side of the person being interviewed and gauge their personality and attitude.

4. See What the Franchise Offers – Be sure to utilize any interviewing, training, and new hire programs offered by your head office. This is part of what you are paying for and one of the perks of having a franchise as opposed to opening your own small business. This not only provides consistency across all franchise locations, but it also helps your own new franchise grow successfully.

5. Train Thoroughly – Above all else, however, remember that recruitment isn’t just about who you hire. It is also what you do after you hire. If you hire someone and expect them to excel from day one, you are likely going to find that you are unsatisfied with their performance. But if you train them thoroughly, and take advantage of any training opportunities, the employee will have more of what they need to succeed.

Recruitment isn’t just about who you hire

Also, remember that experience matters, but personality matters too. You can train someone on the technical aspect of the job, but you cannot change their personality. You want a friendly, enthusiastic and engaging personality that will work well with others and make customers want to return.

A good team of employees for a franchise will be eager to help build and grow your business and will understand that success is a team effort. Recruitment will likely be the biggest challenge you face as a franchisee, but it will be worth it to take the extra steps to ensure that you’re getting the employees that will help you thrive.


A fun fact: In a 2011 Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey of human resource leaders, 60 percent said an attractive benefits package is “very important” in recruiting and retaining quality employees, vs. only 38 percent who said a high base salary is very important.



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