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    Travel Industry Analysis

    What is the travel industry? In Brief: In the past few years, customers have begun to seek authentic cultural experiences in their travel, much...

    Franchise Case Study

    Have It Your Way: Burger King Franchise Case Study

    In Brief: Burger King began with two, inventive cooking machines to make hamburger-making more efficient. The masterminds behind these devices rose Burger...

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    How to Open a Spa

    In Brief: Spas have become one of the most popular franchise opportunities in recent years. Entrepreneurs should research their options, plan their...

    Initial Franchise Training and Support

    Initial Training Among the most important tasks for any franchisor is training new franchisees. For both the franchisee and franchisor, a thorough training program...

    57 Million Americans Belong to a Gym! Why is the Fitness Industry Growing So...

    In Brief: Aproximmately 57 million Americans belong to gyms. The Fitness Industry brings in $31 billion annually in the U.S. Americans feel more pressure...

    What Are The Benefits Of Franchising?

    In Brief: The benefits of franchising can make owning one a lucrative and enjoyable operation. Franchisees often take advantage of expert support...

    Introduction to Franchising

    In Brief: According to the American Bar Association, there are three main elements that define a franchise under both federal and state franchise...
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    Senior Services Industry Analysis

    What is the Senior Care Industry? In Brief: Senior care is one of the most popular industries, estimated to bring in roughly $400 billion...

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