What is Callens Business Opportunities?

    Franchising creates 21 million jobs nationwide and contributes billions of dollars in economic output each year. Franchises offer the independence of business ownership supported by the benefits of an experienced, larger business network.

    Callens Business Opportunities is the premier online source of business and franchise data. It is the SUPER SEARCH for business opportunities.

    Callens Business Opportunities offers key analytics and data, and based upon specified criteria it MATCHES users to apt opportunities. It uses the information to eliminate guesswork from the equation and helps narrow down the best options. Its thesis is that information results in innovation, so that is its focus.

    Callens Business Opportunities offers a variety of tools and strategic techniques that help do that. They include, in part, the following:

    • Fundamental Franchise Topics: Provides clear and concise explanations of fundamental topics that translate complex legalese into layman terms.
    • Fundamental Franchise News: Provides stories and articles reporting on key topics, developments and news.
    • QuickMatch Utility: Matches a user to opportunities that fit that user’s specified criteria. Through a tailored quiz and matching technology, we gather information on each user to build a prospective match to fitting franchises and opportunities.
    • Franchise Review and Analysis: Reviews FDDs to assure the legitimacy of the franchise. We review all 23 components of the FDD to assure compliance with FDD standards.
    • Case Studies: Provides up-close, in-depth analyses of specific noteworthy opportunities.
    • Franchise Search Bar: Users obtain opportunities specific to the criteria that they specify.
    • Did You Know: Provides users fascinating, often unknown stories and data.

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