Who Are We?

Franchising creates 21 million jobs nationwide and contributes billions of dollars in economic output each year. Franchises offer the independence of business ownership supported by the benefits of an experienced, larger business network.

AskMrFranchise is THE Source of Key Franchising Information. With experienced reporters and researchers who review and consolidate extensive analytics and data, AskMrFranchise.com provides users online access to more franchising data than any single online source.

AskMrFranchise utilizes analytics and data to MATCH site users with fitting opportunities. Some of its’ strategic features include the following:

  • Stay Informed – Fundamental Franchise Topics | We provide clear and concise explanations of fundamental topics that translate complex legalese into layman terms.
  • Stay Informed – Fundamental Franchise News | We provide regular stories and articles reporting on key topics, developments and news.
  • “QuickMatch” Utility | We match a user to opportunities that fit that user’s specified criteria. It attracts the most serious prospects. Through a tailored quiz and matching technology, we gather information on each user to build a prospective match to fitting franchises and opportunities.
  • Franchise Review and Ratings | Be recognized as a fully compliant franchise. We review FDD’s and provide “AskTheRating” certification to assure the legitimacy of the franchise. We review all 23 components of the FDD to assure compliance with FDD standards.
  • Case Studies | We provide an up-close, in-depth analysis of specific franchises.
  • Franchise Search Bar | Users find opportunities specific to the criteria that they specify.
  • “Did You Know” | We provide users fascinating, eye-catching stories and articles.

AskMrFranchise is a portfolio company owned by Callens Capital. Callens Capital is a venture capital firm managed by James “Jim” Notaris. Jim Notaris has a broad, experienced track record in business acquisitions and start-ups, venture capital, and private equity. Jim Notaris is an attorney and certified public accountant. He is a member of the American Bar Association Forum on Franchising.

Sean McManus
CTO & VP of Digital Marketing

Sean heads up the Marketing division at AskMrFranchise.com. With a degree in Information Science and Technology from the University at Albany, Sean studied Computer Programming and specializes in building and marketing innovative websites for the franchise industry.

Bojana Galic
Executive Editor

Bojana Galic is the Executive Editor at AskMrFranchise.com and specializes in franchise legal studies. With a degree in journalism and political science from New York University, she has written and researched topics across the franchising legal field.

James Notaris
Founder & Managing Director

James “Jim” Notaris is Managing Partner of Callens Capital, a venture capital firm. AskMrFranchise.com is a portfolio holding of Callens Capital. Jim Notaris is also an attorney and certified public accountant, a member of the ABA Forum of Franchising, and he possesses extensive experience in the acquisition, sale, ownership, formation and operation of franchisors and franchisees, and all associated intellectual property, legal and financial matters.

Amanda Albert
VP of Operations

Extensive experience with Venture Capital and management of VC holdings companies.

Dylan Oldham
Software Developer

Dylan Oldham is the Senior Software developer at AskMrFranchise.com. He holds a degree in computer science from New York University and specializes in database and backend web development.

Upper Technology and IT Team

Our tech team works endlessly to provide easy-to-use, accessible technology on our website. Our research team supplies the data and our technology specialists ensure that it is displayed in the most comprehensive form. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve our utilities and programs to give our users the smoothest experience possible.

Research Team

All of the original content on AskMrFranchise.com was composed by a team of experienced and diligent researches. Our researchers work to uncover and produce the most accurate data and information possible, carefully combing through reliable sources and databases. We make sure to fact check all of our information and cross-reference content across databases. All legal content posted on AskMrFranchise.com is verified by our legal team prior to publication to ensure the utmost accuracy.


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