What is AskMrFranchise?

Franchising creates 21 million jobs nationwide and contributes billions of dollars in economic output each year. Franchises offer the independence of business ownership supported by the benefits of an experienced, larger business network.

AskMrFranchise is the premier online source of business and franchise data. It is the SUPER SEARCH for business opportunities.

AskMrFranchise offers key analytics and data, and based upon specified criteria it MATCHES users to apt opportunities. It uses the information to eliminate guesswork from the equation and helps narrow down the best options. Its thesis is that information results in innovation, so that is its focus.

AskMrFranchise offers a variety of tools and strategic techniques that help do that. They include, in part, the following:

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AskMrFranchise is included within a portfolio of informational sites owned by Callens Capital, which include, in part, WhatTheLawIs.com. Callens Capital is a venture capital firm managed by James “Jim” Notaris, who has a broad, experienced track record in business acquisitions and start-ups, venture capital, and private equity. Jim Notaris is an attorney and certified public accountant, and a member of the American Bar Association Forum on Franchising.

Amanda Albert
VP of Operations
James Notaris
Managing Director
Fatama Rahman
Web Designer and Developer
Sean McManus
CTO & VP of Digital Marketing
Tyler Dikun
Executive Editor
Brandon Damiano
VP, Marketing and Client Relations
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Senior Software Developer
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Executive Editor
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Executive Editor

Upper Technology and IT Team

Our tech team works endlessly to provide easy-to-use, accessible technology on our website. Our research team supplies the data and our technology specialists ensure that it is displayed in the most comprehensive form. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve our utilities and programs to give our users the smoothest experience possible.

Research Team

All of the original content on AskMrFranchise.com was composed of a team of experienced and diligent researches. Our researchers work to uncover and produce the most accurate data and information possible, carefully combing through reliable sources and databases. We make sure to fact check all of our information and cross-reference content across databases. All legal content posted on AskMrFranchise.com is verified by our legal team prior to publication to ensure the utmost accuracy.


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