There are many attractive incentives to becoming a franchise. Many business owners consider if they should consider franchising every day. Here are some questions to ask yourself that may help you make a decision.

First and foremost, will your franchise make money? Anyone considering buying a franchise is going to consider what return they can expect on their investment. Then you’re going to have to consider if you can sell your franchise and how you will go about selling it. A lot of questions will be raised here and in order to answer those questions, you will have to put yourself in the mindset of someone who is looking to buy a franchise.

Anyone considering buying a franchise is going to consider what return they can expect on their investment.

Why would you buy a  franchise? The primary reason you would buy a franchise would be because the brand is recognized a successful one. So consider whether potential franchise has brand awareness and/or if it has the potential for brand awareness. In addition to brand recognition, you may also consider the cost, the location, and capital investment.

Do you have a proven business model that can be replicated? If you strongly feel the answer to this question is yes with enough time to back up your claims then start planning out how you will replicate your business. Consider all variables such as location, competition, and industry popularity. Consider how hard it would be to replicate your business. Think in reasonable terms, it’s not practical to think that your franchise will work if the new location owner has to work a 100 hour week. Keep your business model simple.

Keep your business model simple

Consider that becoming a Franchise is going to require ongoing support. You will be rewarded with royalties, but at a cost and that cost is your ongoing support. It is this support that will largely contribute to the success of the franchise and it is best to utilize this ongoing support as a franchise and mutually beneficial to provide ongoing support as a franchisor.

Finally, consider your expenses. Do your expenses align with buying a franchise. Have you carefully analyzed your capital investment and future expenses? Learn more by reading our Franchise expense evaluation.



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